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Every one of us has dark secrets we'd rather keep to ourselves. The skeletons in the closet are darker than we'd prefer, little glimpses of our most secret fantasies, things we'd rather not admit to others, and sometimes not even to ourselves. These are the stories that we won't admit too, the ones we can't or won't claim, the ones that violate every publishers' "terms & agreements". We're not even sure we want to claim credit for writing them. You can read them, if you want. If you dare...

Buzzing Softly

Buzzing Softly

She has been told how she will be allowed relief - the needed orgasm, the forced and painful masturbation. She knows it will hurt. And there is an added complication. Her father is home.

M/f, BDSM, incest, toys



Jack Eckwen is a designer at A&E's testing facility and he knows not to get emotional attached to the test animals. But this one, Three Two Seven Eight Nine Nine is something different. She has a name.

M/f, extreme, torture, gynophagia (implied), anal, snuff



Holly fears what Barney might do next. His methodical tortures are beyond her comprehension. The newest torment is even crueller than she imagined.

M/f, teen, torture, non-consensual, bondage, severe

The Hanging

The Hanging

In a dystopic future a professional NHPS is arrested, abused, tried, and executed for horse stealing, but there is a twist at the end of this rope...

M+/f, NHPS, torture, rape, bondage, snuff, severe

Drawn And Quartered

Drawn & Quartered

In this vingette, Breanne reminesces upon her execution, a brutal painful explosion of agony.

M+/f, NHPS, torture, rape, bondage, snuff, extreme

Writhing In Orgasmic Agony

Writhing In Orgasmic Agony (Serial)

Charlie is astonished to find out that she hasn’t been sent to the factory butcher, instead sold into a nightmare of torture and anguish, erased from society, the dark secret of a cannibalistic world…

Part One and Part Two Complete...

M+/f+, fisting, Young, snuff, spanking, teen, Tit Torture, S/M, bondage, Rape, Fantasy, romantic, nc, Forced, Extreme


I have Sinned

I Have Sinned

A NHPS school girl is taken unawares to be the sacrifice in a religious reenactment with cruel and violent torments.

M+/f, toys, BDSM, serious, rape, torture, severe


Cindy's Adventure at A&E

Cindy accompanies her father to A&E for a tour of their revolutionary meat processing facilities and is amazed at all the options. She's given an opportunity for tenderization her father can't refuse.

M+/f, toys, BDSM, extreme, torture, gynophagia, snuff, young,

A&E Shipping

Bethany's Shipping At A&E

Bethany is going to summer school, but her father has a better idea on how she should get there.

M+/f, toys, BDSM, incest, teen, implied gynophagia,

The Foot Ranch

The Foot Ranch - An A&E Story

Esme Carpenter, a news reporter, visits the Foot Ranch to find the heart and sole of one of the country's finiest meat providers.

MF/f, toys, BDSM, teen, implied gynophagia, severe,