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Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander is an erotic BDSM fiction writer with four novels and over thirty short stories to his credit.

Starting in 2002 Michael began posting his erotic fiction online and found thousands of people reading and enjoying his writing.  Eventually decided to start his own website, blog, and library. In 2011 Michael began publishing his novels and short stories in e-book format for both Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook systems.

Michael Alexander Stories presents a vast new array of erotic fiction, both in style and in content, bursting with new characters, innovative situations, original plots, and fresh models, all while keeping hold of the characters and settings you may have come to know and love so well.

Michael is the author of The Challenge, In The Dark (An Anthology), Breanne's Three - Chicago BDSM, Sigma Epsilon Chi, In The Dark II and The Silver Locke.

Challenge of Love The Silver Locke Sigma Epsilon Chi Gabrielle and the Leviathan Breanne's Three - Chicago BDSM
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Michael prefers to allow his work to represent him, but curiosity remains.  Physically, Michael is a rather nondescript individual. He is of average height, average weight, with an average complexion, average thinning light brown hair, and a taste in clothing which leans heavily toward presentable khakis and Oxford button down shirts.


You can contact Michael at