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Under Construction

In what could only be seen as an act of worried desperation, Breanne Erikson glanced down at her watch.  It was already late in the afternoon and things were dangerously behind schedule.  Unconsciously she smoothed down her gray business skirt, hands fluttering at the white blouse and coat.  She wasn’t used to this kind of attire and it made her uncomfortable.

In fact, none of the staff were used to it.  Tami Edwards had flat out refused to wear a business suit, instead opting for a cute striped polo shirt and skirt.  When she had arrived that morning Tami and Breanne had nearly come to blows, with Tami threatening to work naked the entire day.  As much as that would have pleased Bre, it was more important that the work get done.  This wasn’t play time, but in the end it hadn’t mattered.

Amanda Collins, with her blond hair and luscious curves, had arrived wearing a dress, rather than a suit.  Her Barbie doll proportions strained the material and Breanne wasn’t quite sure that the busty blond hadn’t deliberately chosen the outfit for the fact that it barely contained her breasts, and then only under ideal circumstances.  Breanne had seen a number of “accidents”, usually as Tami walked by, where a bent over Amanda had allowed her bosom to fall out of the not-so-restraining material.  Breanne’s frustration had only increased in time with the rising of Amanda’s hem.  It hadn’t even been lunch time before the dress was merely a purple swath around the girl’s middle and Tami was working naked under her.

Of course there was Samantha Mayfield, who had shown up dressed to the nines.  A designer suit hung from her shoulders, cut to fit her incredible body.  The brunette girl had jumped right in to her assigned tasks, at least until Kristen Cox had shown up.  Once Kristen had arrived Samantha had been forced to remove one piece of clothing an hour as some sort of sorority test.  For Breanne, the fact that not a single girl in the entire office was wearing a bra or panties just amplified the problem. 

Breanne took a deep breath and looked around the chaos.  She was the one in charge and things were flying apart.  In less than an hour their boss would arrive, expecting the new office to be set up, organized, and ready to go.  Instead it had become a paper-strewn, disorganized mess.  Every girl working, with the exception of Breanne, was in various states of undress, some with the tell tale marks of passion or the flushed faces of sexual tension.  Samantha’s naked bottom clearly showed the red heat of a rather brutal spanking, the imprint of Kristen’s bare hand still visible. 

Breanne’s friend, Melanie Cook was working in the kitchen and Bre had found her sitting on the large circular lunch table, stark naked, legs splayed wide while Melanie patiently attempted to insert every one of the newly purchased cooking utensils into her pussy.  After each item was deftly swirled internally, it was deposited in the dishwasher.  To be honest, Breanne didn’t really object to this, and might have participated, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the simple task of loading the dishwasher was taking two and a half hours!  Melanie’s short brown hair bobbed as she moaned, pulling a large tureen spoon out with a squelching sound.

Breanne went to check on the new photography studio in the back, where Ahn, Angie, and Kat were setting up the various lights, backdrops, and stages.  To her astonishment, only half the work was done.  Ahn was locked tightly in the real working model of the stocks, her body bent in half, completely naked, her tiny kimono tossed aside.  A large piece of duct tape stretched from the small of her back to her navel, and from her twitching Breanne knew that there was a vibrator stuck up inside her.  Bre looked around for Angie and Kat and found them testing the St. Andrew’s cross.  Kat was dressed in skin tight black leather that must have been hidden under her blouse and skirt and was holding (what else?) a cat-o-nine tails.  It was apparent that she had already been slashing at her submissive girlfriend’s body.  Angie, like Ahn, was naked, except for a length of duct tape stretched between her legs.  Breanne could actually hear the buzzing of the vibrator.

“What the hell is going on here?”  Breanne demanded, coming up and taking the whip from Kat’s hand, right after a brutal strike across Angie’s breasts.   The stroke left a delicious red swath across both nipples.  “You guys are supposed to be setting up the dungeon set!  Not testing it out!”  Breanne yelled.  Kat rolled her eyes and gave Breanne a dismissive look.  Angie opened her eyes, her hips thrusting madly.

“Geeze, Breanne.  What did you expect?  Angie wanted to try out the cross.”  Kat replied. 

Breanne sighed, tossing the whip down.  “If you guys don’t get back to work it will be my ass!”

Kat grinned.  “I wouldn’t mind having some of your ass, Breanne.  Why don’t you strip and bend over and see how quick I can turn your bottom red?”  Kat said, licking her lips.

Breanne felt a wave of sexual tension.  Kat knew that Bre was a switch, and under the right pressure would break into a quivering submissive who would accept practically any torture or punishment.  As much as Bre longed to submit, the overriding orders of the boss were too important. 

“Release Angie and Ahn and get back to work.  Now!”  Breanne ordered, ignoring Kat’s hungry look.  “I want those backdrops hung!”  Breanne turned and stomped away, feeling that everything was spiraling into a disaster.

“Have the staff come down to help and get the office set up, Breanne.”  She muttered as she walked back down the hall to the main office, mimicking the boss’s voice.  “It shouldn’t take that long, maybe half a day.  Everything has already been sent there from the old place.  It’s nice not to be renting anymore, and finally move into our own place.”  Breanne rolled her eyes, unconsciously matching Kat’s expression from a moment before.

Breanne had been pleased that she was asked, but now she was regretting not hiring outside help.  Nothing had been finished and their time was almost up.

The sound of a bell ringing at the very front of the office attracted her attention.  It had been one of the first things she herself had accomplished before starting to work on the massive filing cabinet.  She had attached a warning bell to the front door, alerting them when someone walked in.

Breanne sprinted toward the front of the office.  Michael Alexander stood silently at the door.  She skidded to a stop, almost slipping on a spill of white copier paper.  Everyone in the room was frozen, looks of chagrin and panic on every girl’s face.  Breanne noticed that Tami and Amanda were both completely naked, lying sixty-nine on the floor in front of one of the desks they were supposed to be setting up.  Both girls’ faces were flushed and the glistening wetness on both chins made it clear how their work was proceeding.

Samantha was not in much better shape.  She was lying naked across one of the other desks, legs spread wide, stuffed with what looked like a new paper stapler.  Her hands were bound with masking tape, and an extra strip stretched from ear to ear.  Kristen’s breasts were exposed and she was hunched over Sam, clearly in charge of how deep the stapler was being driven.

Michael studied the tableau for a second and then stepped over Tami and Amanda, not saying a word.  He continued into the office and tossed his coat down on Samantha’s naked body, ignoring Kristen and Breanne.  He moved to the hallway.  Breanne followed silently, wondering when the hammer was going to fall.

She watched and cringed as he looked into the kitchen, seeing Melanie extract a fork from her body.  He stood and watched as Melanie dropped it in the plastic silverware container.  When Melanie finally noticed her audience she jumped up and moved to the counter, quickly taking plates out of a cardboard box and putting them into the dishwasher.  Breanne sighed.  Too little, too late.

Again, Michael said nothing, but continued on into the back of the office.  Evidently Kat had ignored Breanne’s order, nor had she heard the bell, since both Ahn and Angie were still bound, still tormented by the vibrators, and Kat was still working Angie over.  A polite cough from Michael ended the whipping, drawing Kat’s attention.  Her mouth went into a large “O” and she at least had the courtesy to look sheepish.

Michael turned to Breanne, his eyes frosty.  She cringed and looked down.

“Ms. Erikson, would you please ask Tami, Amanda, Samantha, and Ms. Cox to join us back here in the studio” he asked politely, his voice low.  Breanne cringed.  She knew she was in trouble.  She nodded obediently and quickly went back to the front office.  Tami and Amanda were already up and mostly dressed, while Kristen was still in the process of getting Samantha up after extracting the stapler.  Breanne motioned for the girls to follow her and Sam grabbed her clothes as they made their way to the back of the office.

Both Angie and Ahn had been released from their restraints, though evidently Michael had ordered them to keep the duct tape and vibrators in.  Everyone, including a partially dressed Melanie, was gathered around the stocks, which now stood in the center of the room.  Breanne and the four girls from up front joined the party and stood in a semi circle around Michael, who leaned against the medieval device, playing with a roll of duct tape.

“I don’t know what to say.” Michael started, looking around at the nine girls surrounding him.  “Part of me says that I should have expected this.  But nonetheless I’m disappointed.  We have finally moved to our own place.  Got our own site, and are finally going to offer a real product and you ladies screw around, instead of getting things set up properly.  What will our readers think?  They’ll come her to the office and find things not working properly.  The files are unorganized, the interview room isn’t set up, heck even the employee kitchen can’t service our needs!”  He looked around the assembly, tossing the tape down on the floor.  “Every one of you, clothes off.  Now.”  He barked.

Breanne swallowed.  It was an unusual order, especially for Kristen and Kat.  Kat looked furious but obediently followed Michael’s order, slowly unbuttoning her shirt.  Tami and Amanda took deep breaths and merely removed everything they had struggled into moments before.  Ahn and Angie were still naked, as was Melanie and Samantha.  Kristen shrugged, used to switching from top to bottom, and peeled off her own outfit, tossing it on the floor behind her.

Breanne slowly shrugged off her suit coat and began working on her blouse.  She was the last to finish undressing, taking her time as she exposed first a lacy white bra, then matching panties and a cream garter belt.  She folded her wool business skirt and placed it gently atop her blouse and coat and then peeled off her bra, baring two beautiful breasts that were easily a match for any girl there.  Next to go were her panties.  She had wisely put them on over her garter belt which was holding up the white thigh high stockings.  She glanced at Michael who nodded, indicating it was okay for her to stay in her stockings and heels.

Michael moved over to one of the tables, rifling through the partially unpacked box for a moment.  Breanne swallowed hard as he removed a thick leather paddle, a huge vibrator with a clit stimulator, and a fistful of nipple clamps on chains.  He came back over to the stock and dropped it all on the wooden base of the device.

“Breanne, you come here.  The rest of you need to get down on all fours with your foreheads on the ground, ass up in the air.”  Michael commanded.  Breanne almost fainted.  It had been her responsibility to get the office set up.  With trembling steps she moved up to the stocks.  Michael opened the top of the wooden restraint and looked at her pointedly.  She stepped up on the platform and obediently bent over, putting her head and wrists in the tiny fur lined cut holes.  She felt the top brace coming back down and heard the latch securing it.  She pulled against the wood and shuddered in anticipation of what was coming.  When Michael picked up the paddle she braced herself.

But Michael moved away from her.  Slowly he walked down the line of naked bodies and Breanne watched, straining her neck to see.  When he reached the far end where Tami started the line he swung the paddle hard, striking the teenager directly on the bottom.  Tami cried out, her head popping up as the stinging spank rocked her forward. Michael swung again, but had moved down the line slightly and the leather coated board landed heavily on Amanda’s exposed butt cheeks.  Samantha was next, taking her swat with a moan of pleasure, literally wiggling her ass, asking for more.  Michael did not oblige her, instead placing a blistering stroke across Kristen’s rear end, causing the sorority sister to clench her teeth and hiss.  Ahn didn’t move a muscle nor say a word as the paddle landed obliquely across her rear.  Breanne could hear the clack as the wood and leather struck the embedded vibrator, but it seemed too make little difference to either the little oriental girl or Michael.

Angie was next, receiving a somewhat lighter blow.  Her body still bore the red welts of Kat’s whipping and though the stroke drove the vibrator deeper, she only moaned, echoing Samantha’s wriggle.  Lastly it was Kat’s turn.  Breanne could see the look of anger on the dominatrix’s face and it seemed as if Michael smacked her harder than the others, as if he knew she was one of the main problems.

“All of you stand up.”  Michael ordered.  Breanne watched the girls rise to their feet, standing in front of her with worried looks.  Was the punishment over?

Michael moved back to the stocks and stepped around Breanne.  She tensed, knowing what was coming.

“Bre, I’m really disappointed in you.  I told you to get this done and get it organized.”  Michael said, his tone soft and matter-of-fact.  “Evidently you didn’t have the proper motivation.”  Breanne heard the swish before she felt the impact that made her gasp, tears springing to her eyes.  Pain exploded through her bottom and she felt as if liquid fire had been poured on her buttocks.

“Was it really that hard to set goals and priorities?  What were you doing for seven hours?”  He asked.  Another swat landed, turning Breanne’s bottom scarlet.  She cried out in pain, tears pouring down her cheeks.  Michael swung again, catching her lower, literally lifting her up on her toes.

He let loose one more swat that caused Breanne’s knees to buckle.  All of the other girls were wide eyed.  It was rare for Michael to punish without pleasure and Breanne’s spanking had certainly been excruciating punishment.  They watched as he dropped the paddle and picked out one of the nipple clamp sets, tugging it free of the tangled ball.  With deft fingers he quickly attached the clips to Breanne’s breasts, setting the connecting chain dangling.  Lastly he grabbed the huge vibrator, rammed it deeply into Breanne’s sex and then picked up the roll of duct tape.  The sound of a long length being torn off filled Breanne’s ears and then the buzzing started. She groaned, her pussy contracting around the huge trembling phallus and she felt her blood race.  The sensation of Michael taping it in filled her mind and then she realized that the little clit stimulator was positioned correctly as well, shaking madly against her nub.

When Michael was done he picked up the tangled ball of nipple clamp sets and walked back over to the assembled girls.  One at a time he handed each lady a set, walking down the line.  “Put them on, now.”  He ordered, watching as the girls gingerly placed the clamps on their nipples.  Breanne quivered, trying to focus her attention on what was going on as Michael went down the line, tugging on each chain.  A few snapped off and he reapplied the clamps, tightening them down until looks of severe discomfort shown brightly on a few faces.

“Now listen up.  Breanne is going to remain in the stocks, just like this, until the office is finished and put together.  The person who finishes their task last will replace her in the stocks and receive the exact same punishment.  You will keep the clamps on. You will remain naked, since so many of you prefer it anyway.”  Breanne watched eyes widen and felt a flush of revenge run through her body. 

“Tami, you will return to the front office and finish setting up the departmental desks. We need a spot for our editor, Chuck, as well as our art director. Go now.”  Michael ordered.  The little teenager dashed off, nipple clamps swinging.

“Amanda, you will be responsible for getting the Story Archive together.  Every story I’ve ever published needs to be in the archive. Snap too it.”  Amanda nodded and walked away, her hips swinging.  She didn’t run, but managed to look elegant and sexual, even with a slightly pink bottom.

“Samantha, you will get the Reader’s Forum up.  We need a place to interact with our customers.  It needs to be professional, sexually exciting, and impressive.  Go.”  Sam swallowed and turned, giving Kristen a knowing look.

To Breanne’s surprise, Michael skipped Kristen, moving on to Melanie.  “Melanie, you will get the Character Corner set up.  I want all of the interviews, personal stories, twitter feeds, profiles, and history organized and ready for display.  Please get this accomplished.”  Melanie bowed her head and moved off toward the front of the office.

“Ahn, if you would be so kind as to get the kitchen in some semblance of order.  All the dishes need to be run through the dishwasher and I would imagine the table needs to be wiped down as well.”  Ever unflappable Ahn nodded.  The vibrator was still taped inside her and Breanne wondered why Michael didn’t have her remove it.  She watched Ahn move off to finish the job Melanie had botched.

“Angie, I want you to go get started on the Newsletter Layout desk.  I need it organized so that when we send out our first newsletter in January everything is perfect.  Please get this accomplished.”  Angie nodded, glancing over at Kat who shrugged indifferently.  Michael ignored the exchange.  When she left Breanne looked over at the last two girls.

Kristen and Kat were so similar in attitude and physical appearance that they could have been mistaken for sisters.  Both had blond hair, rather tall frames, and complexions of alabaster marble.  Large breasts with silver dollar nipples pointed prominently forward and curvaceous hips and asses rounded out the picture.  Both girls had looks of disgruntlement. 

“And what am I going to do with the two of you; my instigators, my troublemakers?  Huh?” Michael asked, shaking his head. “In all honestly I probably should just tie both of you up, punish you, and leave you tormented like poor Breanne.”  Both Kristen and Kat looked scared and angry to Breanne as Michael’s threat percolated through their minds.

“But instead I’m going to give you the opportunity to get this corrected.  Get the photo studio and the art desk set up.  Our manga artist, Sheo arrives tomorrow and she needs her work area.  I need the photo shop set up.  This job is the hardest and will take the longest.  Get cracking or you both will be replacing Breanne.”

Neither Kristen or Kat said anything, but merely sprinted off to the far corner of the room, trying desperately to finish a task Breanne had originally give to three girls.  They knew that their area would take the longest to set up, and if they wanted to avoid the consequences of their actions, they would need to hurry.

With a sigh Michael came over to Breanne and began stroking her back, running his hand up and down her spine.  The caress was loving and Breanne lost herself in the pleasure of his touch, combining with the ever increasing tension between her legs.

“I’m sorry I failed you, Sir.”  She whispered, her long auburn hair finally falling in front of her eyes.  Michael chuckled and patted her lightly on the shoulder.  He moved around the stocks and knelt down in front of her so that they could see eye to eye.

“Bre, I’m not mad at you.  And I know you so well.  What I’m doing to you really isn’t a punishment, is it?”  He asked gently.

Breanne smiled.  “Not for me, Sir.”  She replied, her voice soft.

“I know.  I figure three or four more hours though and you will be well sauced.  Then you and I can have a private session in my office.”

“Thank you, Sir.”  Breanne said, her chest heaving, the bite of the nipple clamps increasing the sensations of pleasure coming from between her legs.

Michael Alexander patted Breanne’s sore bottom lightly, eliciting another gasp from the bound and doubled beauty.  With a shake of his head he walked away, heading down the hall to his personal office.  Breanne could hear the various sounds of work, from the clanging metal pipes of the muslin backdrop holder, to the wooden clack of the art desk being installed.  Up front she knew that Tami would be setting up office supplies at each desk, Amanda would be filing, and everyone would be working to make the most amazing place to visit, explore, and even work.

Breanne’s orgasm hit her unusually hard and she shook in the stocks, trembling.  When it subsided she groaned as the stimulation continued.  She looked longingly toward Michael’s office and sighed in frustration: three more hours.

She whispered the words to herself with a tiny moan, closing her eyes.  “Oh yes…”


The End


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