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Three Sets (2009)


The sound of her purple gum popping seemed loud in the tiny bedroom as Megan flipped through the pages of the teen fashion magazine. Her trim jaw line worked at the gummy substance between her teeth as she occasionally paused, examining some latest clothing concept, or the different cosmetics each model seemed to be sporting. Her shoulder-length brown hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail, hardly matching the coiffed styles in the magazine, but its simplicity belied a beauty that Paris' best models would have trouble matching. She wore a gray tee shirt, emblazoned with "Arten High School Track & Field" across the chest, the lettering almost difficult to read due to the curvature of her bosom. Megan also wore a pair of red running shorts, which barely covered her rear as she sat on the floor leaning back against the bed of her best friend, Erika.

"Will you look at this?" Megan asked suddenly through her gum, holding up the magazine. Erika, who lay across the bed, glanced down at the opened pages suddenly thrust at her. Her long blonde hair hung loose, pulled back behind her ears. Her crystalline blue eyes examined the picture Megan held up and Erika laughed.

"You can't be serious" she replied.

Megan sighed. "I suppose."

Erika was propped against a pile of pillows at the end of the bed, her long legs stretched out toward the end, slowly going through her own magazine. Her Saturday attire was no less casual than Megan's, but she opted for a less athletic look, having donned a pair of khaki chinos and a blue halter top. Both girls were barefoot, thanks to a rigorously enforced "no shoes" policy that Megan's mother had adopted to "spare the carpet."

"I don't get this. How are we supposed to choose a dress for prom by looking at these? Half these dresses are either a million bucks or will get us arrested for indecency." Megan sighed, slapping another page over, exasperation written clearly across her face. Erika laughed.

"I can just imagine the trouble I'd be in if I got arrested." She replied.

Megan made a small grunt, as if ignoring her best friend. "Like your mom would do anything."

Erika shook her head. "Not her. My step-dad."

Megan looked up, twisting her head around to look at Erika. "Really? Your mom is letting your step-dad punish you? That's a little freaky."

Erika nodded. "You have no idea." Her voice seemed a little shaky, but filled with an odd tone. Megan turned around, going to her knees as she leaned against the bed. "What do you mean, freaky?" She asked.

For a moment it seemed as if Erika wasn't going to answer. "Like spanking freaky." Megan's eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise, giving Erika a view of the brunette's chewed piece of gum. "You've got to be kidding me! He's SPANKING you? And your mom LETS HIM?"

Erika nodded, licking her lips, her expression still inscrutable.

"Geeze girl, how do you stand for it?" Demanded Megan.

"It's hard to explain" said Erika. Megan couldn't believe her best friend was being so blasé about this.

There was suddenly a knock at the door and both girls jumped slightly in surprise. Megan turned and found herself looking at Erika's step dad, who stood there with a deepening frown upon his lips as he looked down at the two girls.

Pete Shore was a handsome man, something that Megan had known ever since she had met him almost half a year earlier. It was easy to see how Erika's mother had fallen for him. He was tall, dark, and handsome, a robust thirty five that spent a good amount of time lifting weights between bouts of racquetball. He too was wearing athletic style clothing, almost matching Megan's track outfit, except replacing the red running shorts with something a little more masculine.

"I've a bone to pick with you young lady." Pete said, his tone menacing. "I think it might be best if Megan heads home."

Megan shot a glance at Erika, whose face had flushed red. The blond girl's chest was starting to rise and fall rapidly, her breasts seeming to expand under the tension of the halter top. Megan put one hand on the floor, preparing to push herself up when she felt Erika's fingers on her shoulder, gently pressing down. It was clear that Erika wanted Megan to stay. A thought strayed across Megan's mind. If Erika was getting spanked by Pete, then maybe she wanted Megan to remain, thinking that her presence might prevent it from happening.

"What did I do?" Erika asked, her voice contrite. Pete reached behind his back and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. He held it up, unfolding it.

"I'd like you to explain this progress report from your math class. It seems you aren't turning in your homework on time. Right now Dr. Cook says that unless you make a drastic change in your behavior, you won't pass this six week period." His eyes seemed to flare. "And add to that your failure to get the garbage out Friday morning has resulted in me having to take the entire load in my pickup to the dumpster."

"I…I…I'm sorry, Pete." Erika said, her voice submissive in a way Megan had never heard before. To Megan's surprise it was this comment that brought Pete Shore's anger to life. He glared at his step-daughter and entered the room.

"What did I tell you! What are you supposed to call me!" He yelled.

Erika looked up at her step-father, her face an oddly composed mask of acceptance and …something else, something Megan couldn't identify. Megan's eyes narrowed in confusion at her best friend's behavior. Megan had never known Erika to be submissive, much less a pacifist. It almost seemed like she had deliberately riled her step-father.

The blond girl swallowed, looking up at the handsome man above her. "Sorry. Dad." She said, her voice practically withering.

Pete grabbed her wrist and yanked her up off the bed. "Get to the living room now, and get ready. You're getting three sets." He pushed Erika toward the door. The teenager stumbled once, but quickly moved through the doorway into the hall, disappearing from Megan's view.

Pete turned and looked down at Megan. "I'm sorry you had to witness that. I think it best if you leave." He said, his voice like iron. Megan frowned and glared at her best-friend's step-father. She stood up, her will hardening into steel and she crossed her arms.

"Actually, I think I'll stay. If you're planning on punishing Erika then I'll witness it. And if you do anything I think is improper, you'll answer for it!" She declared. Pete gave her a calculating look. "Fine. If that's what you want." He held out his hand, motioning toward the door. "Let's go."

With an icy glare Megan turned and practically stomped from Erika's bedroom. She turned and quickly marched down the hall that led from the bedroom area of Erika's house to the living room. Erika's mom had decorated in an eclectic style of modern and contemporary designs that lent a conservative, yet stylish air to the house. The living room was no different, with a black leather corner sofa and ottoman sitting in front of the large LCD television.

But the sight that met Megan's eyes was beyond surprising. A white towel had been laid across the ottoman, contrasting starkly with the black leather. Megan's gasp of shock had come from seeing Erika. Her best friend was kneeling on all fours, on top of the towel, and was completely naked.

"Erika!" Megan said, aghast.

Erika didn't reply, her long blond hair streaming down around her head. Her perfectly formed figure stayed perfectly still, unresponsive to either her step-father's entry or Megan's outburst. The sight of Erika naked delayed Megan's notice of the three implements laid out on the end table next to a large ebony satchel. It wasn't until Pete picked up a black leather paddle that Megan saw the small sap and the multi-headed leather whip.

Erika's step-father wasted no time, stepping up to the naked blond beauty with purpose. He swung the paddle fast, letting it impact squarely across both cheeks of Erika's bottom, eliciting a sharp cry from the teenager. Megan's shocked expression at finding her best friend naked didn't ebb as she witnessed the first blistering stroke that left a red imprint of the paddle across Erika's rear.

The next swing sounded loud in the room, a sharp crack that reminded Megan of her bubble gum exploding. Erika let out a loud moan. She rocked as the slap moved her forward, her heavy breasts swaying, the dark nipples raised as if excited. Pete swung again, catching Erika a little lower, almost on the undersides of her thighs, and Megan thought she saw the lips of Erika's sex swell. Erika let out another indistinguishable cry and pitched forward even more, but corrected her position, almost coming back to meet the next stroke. Pete made no pretense this time, angling the paddle to kiss not just Erika's buttocks, but the swelling and exposed petals of the blond girl's sex.

Megan licked her lips and stepped forward, planning resolutely to stop Pete Shore's abuse. But the unexpected sound from Erika made her pause, looking intently at her friend. The thud of the next stroke was followed by a cry, but a cry filled with something other than pain and humiliation. Megan moved around the living room as two more strokes landed on Erika, until Megan could get a better glimpse of Erika's bottom. Sure enough, Erika's pussy was leaking copiously, wet streaks of fluid dampening her thighs.

Pete swung again and this time Erika almost fell, her body beginning to react to the onslaught of swipes. Pete paused as Erika got back into position and reached out, grabbing her hair and pulling up her head.

"Do you need the clips to keep you in place? Is that it?" He demanded. Megan stared on in astonishment, not sure what she was seeing. Erika didn't answer, but Megan thought she saw the blond girl's head dip in agreement.

"Obviously you do. This is getting to be a regular thing with you, isn't it?" Pete demanded. He swapped the paddle to his left hand and leaned over to dig into the strange black satchel. A shiny silver chain was withdrawn, and Megan could see that each end was attached to a metal clamp. Pete bent over, pinching one of the steel pincers open. It took only a second to position it properly and then it closed tightly on Erika's right nipple. She gasped in pain, twisting slightly as Pete dragged his fingers down the silver links to grasp the other clasp. Megan watched in silence as he attached the second clamp. Erika whimpered loudly, her body shaking as she dealt with the new sensations streaming from the tips of her breasts. Pete turned toward Megan and gave her a withering glare.

"Since you seem to want a better view, why don't you come over here and hold the chain for me" he said. "Usually I have to attach it to the underside and that pulls hard on her tits. If you hold it, then it won't be so bad for her."

Megan stood silently for a second, wondering what she should do. Should she cooperate, easing her friend's suffering? Or should she stay out of it, protecting her objectivity and making it easier to report Pete Shore's abusive parenting style afterward. Erika whimpered and Megan's heart melted and she moved forward. Helping ease Erika's pain was more important than reporting Pete.

Megan knelt down on the floor next to Erika, reaching under her best friend and grasping the chain.

"Now pull it down toward her knees. Get out all the slack. It is too prevent her from rocking too far forward. That's it. Tighter" Pete said. Megan dragged the chain back until Erika's breasts were pulled downward and back. It looked painful.

Pete didn't hesitate, raising the paddle again and swinging. Erika careened forward again, but this time let out a mixed cry of passion and pain as the chain on her breasts tugged harshly, matching the explosion of sensation coming from her bottom. A flurry of strokes landed as Megan lost count of the impacts.

Erika was crying, but Megan could also see the long streaks of wetness that glistened on both of the blond girl's thighs. Pete took a step back, dropping the paddle on the end table with a clatter. He turned and looked at the girls.

"I'm getting a drink. Get ready for the next set, and NO TALKING!" He ordered. He turned and left the room.

Megan quickly let go of the chain and reached up, wrapping her arms around Erika's shoulders, hugging her friend. The words poured out of her in a hushed whisper. "Oh my God! Erika! How can you let him do this to you?" Megan demanded. Erika looked up at her friend, her eyes glistening. She lifted one finger and placed it over Megan's lips, quieting her. Slowly, Erika lifted herself up, ignoring the long chain that dangled from her breasts. Megan made a move toward the clamps, intending to remove the heavy steel pincers, but Erika shook her head, indicating that she needed to keep them on.

Erika slowly rose from the ottoman, her red bottom a bright contrast to her usually pale and perfect skin. Megan stared, clearly aghast at the damage Pete had done to her friend, yet there were no welts or bruises on Erika's rear, only the bright redness that came from a hot spanking. Erika stepped over to the end table and opened the ebony satchel, pulling out two bungee cords, each about three feet long and equipped with broad plastic hooks. Megan watched in bewilderment as Erika turned and pushed the ottoman against the couch, creating a broad platform. She climbed up, taking care not to kneel on the steel chain that dangled from her breasts, and leaned over the back of the couch, taking each of the bungee cords and hooking them to something. Megan quickly got up on the couch, seeing that Pete had installed a metal ring into the wall behind the leather sofa.

Erika left both bungee cords dangling across the back of the sofa as she carefully moved back to the black bag. To Megan's surprise, two black leather cuffs were drawn out, the insides covered in soft tan fleece, obviously to protect the wearer from chaffing. An assortment of metal studs and loops decorated the outside of the cuff. Erika lifted one foot to the ottoman, moving slowly against the still smarting heat from her bottom. Megan watched as Erika fitted the cuff to her right ankle, buckling the thick leather tightly. As Erika moved the other leg up, Megan snatched up the cuff, kneeling down to assist. Erika smiled her thanks, still unwilling to risk speaking. As soon as the cuff was on, Erika pointed Megan to the side and climbed up on the ottoman. Megan watched as Erika positioned herself, lying back so that her bottom was perfectly positioned on the center of the ottoman, while her back and head lay upon the sofa. Megan could see Erika wincing slightly, but imagined that the cool leather felt good against her cooked derriere. Erika adjusted the chain so that the majority of the weight was on the sofa, tugging only lightly on her breasts.

Suddenly Pete reappeared. He was holding a tall glass of ice tea, only half full and he looked at the tableau before him. He deposited his drink on the side table and stepped forward. He moved with confidence, striding up to Erika's outstretched body, reaching down and grabbing her ankles. He pulled upward, bending Erika in half as her legs were brought up over the blond girl's head. With a movement that seemed experienced, he reached out and snagged both bungee cords, pulling them taut and hooking each one to a separate cuff. Megan gasped, clearly only understanding the strange setup at that moment. She hadn't even really noticed the metal loops on each cuff, thinking they were decorative, rather than functional.

Pete released Erika's legs. For a moment, they stayed together, the long clean curves of Erika's calves ending in the still inflamed redness of her bottom, but then they parted, falling outward until caught by the bungee cords, spread open like a flower. Megan blanched as Erika's sex became not just visible, as it was with the spanking, but readily available, her legs held almost completely upright by the stretchy bungee cords. The puffy and swollen labia parted, exposing a small opening of dark depth, the moisture of arousal a palpable scent in the air. Megan could see the damage of Pete's spanking, the tender redness on the edges of each side of Erika's flower said clearly that Erika's bottom hadn't been the only target.

"Time for set two." Pete announced, returning to the end table. He took a sip of his ice tea and picked up the black leather sap.

Megan had never seen anything like it before. It was like a small paddle, yet flexible, like a leather belt. Pete smacked it into his palm once and it made a sharp little crack that sounded like a pistol shot. He moved forward, going down on one leg right before Erika's outstretched loins, and lifted the leather sap.

In seconds Megan understood the nature of this next punishment. While the spanking had covered a broad section of Erika's body, the sap was designed to punish just one small part. With cruel precision the small implement struck Erika's clit, her mons, and almost the entire length of her sex. Erika gasped, her body tensing as her hands tightened into fists and her hips gave a wild involuntary thrust. Megan looked on in amazement as Erika dealt with the punishing strokes willingly, her hands unfettered. It didn't take long for Erika's pussy to match the sunset coloring of her bottom, even though Megan noticed that Pete's strokes were nowhere near as robust.

Even more fascinating was Erika's face. While the shooting pains of Pete's strokes were totally evident, there was something else there, a desire, a longing, something that made Megan uncomfortable, and it came as a total surprise to find that she was becoming as wet as Erika. Megan squirmed in her seat, trying to imagine the sensations Erika was enduring. As Pete concentrated on Erika's clit, the poor blond girl began to moan, thrusting her hips upward as if in supplication, meeting each smack. Erika's movements became even more intense and Megan watched in amazement as it appeared her best friend was supremely close to experiencing an orgasm.

Pete stopped, evidently as aware of Erika's arousal as Megan. He dropped the sap and stood up, clearly ignoring Erika's whine of longing despair. Erika brought her hands to her belly, running them down toward her enflamed clit.

"Don't you dare" said Pete, quietly stepping around the ottoman to catch hold of Erika's right leg. The blond teenager clenched her fists, but managed not to touch herself. Pete released her ankle from the bungee cord, but held onto her leg, letting it down upon the ottoman gently. Megan moved over to the other ankle, her eyes looking up at Pete, who nodded. In seconds Erika was free, her body trembling with sexual longing and the heat of her beating. Megan sat down on the sofa next to Erika's head, and softly stroked the blond girl's hair.

"As soon as you can stand, you need to get the chair and get ready for the last set" he ordered. Erika looked at her step-father and nodded, still overwhelmed. Pete grabbed his glass of ice tea and moved once more into the kitchen. Erika lay there for a moment before attempting movement.

"Let me get the chair, Erika" said Megan, pushing a few stray locks out of Erika's face. Erika sighed, nodding.

"It's the wooden one in the corner, the one with the pillow on it." She whispered.

Megan turned and looked at the corner of the living room and saw the wooden chair. It was a straight backed chair, one that looked like it belonged with a cheap dining room set, and it was clearly out of place in the stylish home. The only thing that matched was the pillow which didn't quite fit the width of the chair, making Megan suspect that the cushion was an addition. She stood, moving across the room to pick up the chair. Carefully she brought it back over to the center of the room, placing it near the ottoman just as Erika summoned the energy to sit up.

"Don't move, honey" Megan said softly, reaching out to steady her friend. Erika shook her head.

"Not much time" she replied.

"Then tell me how to help."

"You're sweet, but I can do it." Erika slowly stood, grasping Megan's arm as she wobbled slightly, the chain from her nipple clamps swinging. With a few steps she moved over to the end table and opened the same black satchel that she had removed the bungee cords and ankle cuffs from. She rummaged inside the dark depths for a moment and then extracted a pair of wrist cuffs. These matched the ankle cuffs that she was still wearing and she fumbled as she buckled the heavy leather cuffs on. Megan jumped forward to help, getting the two bondage devices perfectly attached to Erika's limbs. Erika smiled her appreciation and then reached back into the bag.

Megan was unprepared for the next item Erika removed, but its dramatic length and width, and bright pink color made the device immediately identifiable. To make it even more intense, a small arm jutted out three quarters of the way down from the tapered tip, turning inward at the perfect angle.

"You've got to be kidding me" muttered Megan, as Erika took the giant vibrator and moved to the wooden chair. She flicked the pillow off, exposing a small round hole that had been drilled almost completely through the wooden seat. The inside of the hole held a rubber gasket, which seemed like it could hold the vibrator. Erika twisted the base of the vibrator and the intense humming sounded extremely thunderous to Megan. The blond teenager slipped the vibrator into the hole, where it stood like some obscene phallus, waiting for its first virgin sacrifice.

Erika didn't even wait for Pete. She turned around and slowly sat down, allowing the tip of the vibrator to part the hot petals of her sex. She slid down its length with ease, evidently soaked far beyond Megan's expectations, until the second arm of the vibrator was pressed against her clit. Erika gasped, rocking, and she spread her legs wide, straddling the chair in an obscene posture.

"I'm ready" Erika called out. Megan turned to see Pete coming back into the room. He too stopped at the black satchel and pulled out two small chains, each fitted with D link climbing brackets. Megan stood aside as Pete moved to Erika, quickly latching one ankle and pulling it backward, running the chain behind the chair. He grabbed Erika's other ankle, tugging it as well, and locked the other end of the chain to her cuff. Megan realized that the new position changed how Erika sat on the phallus, driving it deeper and making the clit stimulator press harder against the bound girl's flesh. Her legs were spread even farther apart and Erika was already moaning, her eyes closed at the intense sensations. Worse, the new restraints prevented her from moving up and down, the rolling movements of her hips betraying her desires. The second chain secured Erika's wrists behind the chair, completing the bondage tableau.

Pete moved around to Erika's front as Megan sat down on the ottoman. From that position she had a clear view of Erika's outstretched groin where Megan could see the pulsing need that was driving her friend. Pete reached up and squeezed one of the nipple clamps, removing it from Erika's breast. As the blood rushed back into the freed bud, Erika gasped, shaking. Megan had no idea how it felt, but experienced another surge of wetness from between her own legs. She blushed, wondering what Erika would think if she knew that her best friend was getting turned on by what she was seeing.

Pete removed the other clamp and Erika's breasts hung free. They were practically perfect, two round globes of soft tenderness that were kept high and firm with youth. Even both nipples, which had been cruelly bitten by the metal clamps, seemed like little pink islands in a sea of light coral. Erika was not a tanner, preferring the white pale look that came with high SPF ratings, making her body creamy and giving her a milk-maid complexion. Megan had often imagined her friend in twin braids, and knew that Erika's Scandinavian name was no accident.

Megan's eyes tracked Pete as he moved back to the end table. His fingers found the handle of the leather whip and he picked it up, swinging it through the air negligently. Megan sat transfixed as Pete moved to Erika's side, raised the whip, and brought it flashing against both of Erika's breasts with a hard swing.

The sound of the impact was clear and it took Erika's breath away. Megan watched her friend blink back tears as the whip fell from her bosom, exposing a series of light pink lines that crossed across the entire front of Erika's chest. Pete didn't even pause, letting loose another stroke that caused each soft melon to shake. Megan's hands clenched in fury, fueled by the pain and humiliation her best friend was enduring, but tempered by the now roaring desire she felt within her. Megan's mind was a riot and she suddenly pictured herself in the wooden chair, trying to imagine what Erika was feeling.

But the pain of the breast lashing was obviously subsiding under a new sensation. Erika's face contorted as the heat from her breasts intensified and enhanced the vibrations exploding between her legs. Her thighs rippled as her body struggled to close itself, to pull away from the vibrating onslaught on tender parts, to protect her breasts from the punishing strokes, to plunge her own hand down between her legs and bring herself into orgasmic bliss.

But Pete ignored Erika's supplication, continuing the harsh whipping until Erika's breasts were a riot of pain and color. Erika tensed on her seat, straining with all her might against the bonds of her punishment. She made a high keening sound, as if she were nearing the end of her endurance. Pete dropped the whip, moved behind Erika, and then with deliberate intent, flicked both nipples hard with his forefingers.

It was too much for Erika. She cried out, shaking, practically screaming as her body finally yielded to the pressures. Her hips jerked wildly, managing to finally provide some up and down movement to match the intense feelings between her legs. There was a spurt of wetness that seemed to explode from around the pink vibrator and Megan sat enthralled as Erika cried out, finally achieving the orgasm that had been building for so long. The blond girl slumped in the seat, as if every ounce of strength had been leached out of her. Pete didn't hesitate for even a second, moving quickly to release both ankle and wrist cuffs. He was so fast that Megan didn't even have time to help him. Pete moved around to the front of the chair, pulling Erika up and off the still buzzing vibrator. Erika was like a limp doll in his arms and he scooped her up and gently deposited her on the sofa, her sex leaking juices onto the leather seat.

With a sigh, he turned back toward the seat and pulled the vibrator up out of the hole.

Ignoring the slippery juices of his step-daughter's arousal, he turned it off, then grabbed a towel from the black satchel and cleaned his hands and the device. Megan moved over to Erika, stroking the poor girl's hair. She turned and glared at Erika's step-father.

"I can't believe you just did that!" Megan declared. "That was sexual abuse if I've ever saw it!"

Pete turned and looked at Megan with a patient eye. "I see. So if I told you that Erika was deliberately managing to get in trouble twice a week, you would still think that?" Pete asked.

Megan looked confused, glancing down at Erika, who was still trying to recover.

"You're serious? She's asking for it?"

Pete nodded. "I'm not a harsh man. I've no interest in her sexually, especially since I've done this to her mother, and trust me, that was much more intense. But Erika here saw one of our little trysts and managed to convince her mother that she needed the discipline as well. Erika keeps coming back for more. So don't lecture me about abuse." He turned away and began jamming the paddle, whip, and sap back into the bag. Even the towel on the ottoman was pushed into its depths.

Megan didn't know what to say and she settled for holding on to Erika, gently stroking the exhausted teen's hair. It wasn't long before Pete left the room, disappearing into the depths of the house and as soon as he left Megan turned and tried to rouse Erika.

"Erika! Erika! Are you all right?" She asked, bending down to look at Erika's face. Megan moved a few strands of hair out of Erika's eyes and was surprised to see the large smile beaming up at her.

"Hmmm? What?" Erika asked, her voice dreamy.

Megan glared at her. "What do you mean what? You were just beaten red by your step-father!"

Erika gave a sensuous moan. "Yes…" she said. Slowly, Erika lifted herself up, giving Megan a slightly embarrassed smile.

"You've got to be kidding me." Megan said, her temper rising. "Is it true you've been trying to get in trouble on purpose?"

Erika bit her lip as she sat upright, reaching over to one end of the sofa and picking up her halter top. Finally she turned to Megan and nodded.

"You just don't understand what its like" Erika replied. She carefully began pulling on the red halter top. Megan just stared at her, still trying to comprehend what Erika was trying to tell her. Finally Megan stood, grabbing hold of Erika's chinos and panties, handing them to the blond girl.

"Was it really that good?" Megan asked, her voice thick as Erika took her chinos and panties and laid them aside.

Erika looked up at her best friend with a smile. "Absolutely." Erika began removing the ankle and wrist cuffs, nodding toward the black satchel. "My life has changed since the black satchel came into my life." Then she grinned. "And what you saw was only a few things from that bag."

With a sigh Megan nodded and grabbed hold of the bottom of her track & field tee shirt, pulling it over her head and exposing her black Lycra sports bra. Erika looked at her in confusion, watching as the stunning brunette removed her shorts, exposing a pair of pink panties. Megan turned and took a deep breath, giving the still astonished Erika a resolute glance.

"Don't put those cuffs away."

Erika's eyes widened in surprise at Megan's words. "Why?"

Megan turned and looked at the door way where Erika's step-father had disappeared. "Because I'm about to confess to Pete how bad I've been" she gave Erika a mischievous smile. "I know what I deserve."

"What do you deserve, Megan?" Asked Erika, her voice soft and full of understanding. Megan headed for the door but Erika heard her reply clearly.

"Three sets."


The End


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