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Angie's Experiment (2006)

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Part One

Day 0 10:36pm

Hi. My name is Angie. I'm twenty one years old, almost twenty two in a month or two. I'm five foot five, one twenty eight pounds, with shoulder length cropped blonde hair, which admittedly comes from a bottle. I've lived in Texas all my life, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I have to admit, I feel a little trepidation about this "experiment". While appealing on the short term, I worry about the physical effects it might have. I almost wish I could consult my doctor, but how do you broach a subject like sex toys? Perhaps I shouldn't have agreed to this, but I gave my word, and like my father taught me, my word is my bond.

The experiment is simple. Beginning tomorrow morning at seven a.m. I am to keep inside myself a rotating variety of sexual novelties (as they're described in Texas). I am permitted my ben wa balls for my regular morning activities, so that the experiment doesn't interfere too much with my classes. Afternoons I am allowed either my vibrator, or my vibrating bullets. Either toy must be in and vibrating for a total of one hour out of every three, except when I am sleeping, though I have been requested to at least try to sleep with the vibrator on. I am allowed to masturbate as many times as necessary to relieve myself, however I am not allowed to remove the toy. I am to follow these requirements for four days, possibly five depending on my reactions.

I am to keep a journal during the next four to five days. I will carry it with me everywhere so that I can document my feelings, my responses, and my desires. I will do my best to catalog everything, no matter how small, that relates to my sexuality.

I am already, without the benefit of this experiment, rather a sexual person. I usually masturbate at least twice a day, sometimes three depending on circumstances. I have a wide variety of sex toys, ranging from vibrators to dildoes to even a bottom plug. I currently do not have a boyfriend, but that isn't so unusual, since school has always taken precedence over relationships. My online relationship with Master Michael has been an entertaining diversion, non-demanding, and on my own terms, until this experiment. Though I feel a certain curiosity, not to mention sexual eagerness at the thought of being tormented for so long.

I worry that my own sexuality may not be up to this. Remaining in a state of arousal for five days is more than anything I've ever had to deal with. I've been tied up for an hour or so, even had all sorts of "toys" used on me, but to deal with this never ending stimulation…I'm just not sure. But I've agreed to this, so I will. One last night of decent sleep.

Day 1 7:15 am

I woke up this morning and used the rest room. After cleaning up a bit, washing my face and so on, I returned to my bedroom, removed my panties and lay back down. Usually, I like to masturbate in the morning, but I was so eager to begin that I immediately grabbed my vibrator, turned it on, and then slid it in.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), I was already soaked, my body totally in tune with what I was doing. I lay still for a minute; my legs pressed together, the buzzing inside me driving me mad. I stood up and then began the difficult operation of pulling my panties on and up with the vibrator still inside me. I didn't want it to slip out. After a minute or two I succeeded, and then made my way to the kitchen. It was distracting, trying to make breakfast with a buzzing sex toy inside myself. I kept experiencing little waves of pleasure. Not orgasms mind you, but tiny little sparks.

Right now as I write this, I can feel my panties soaking, the buzzing going on and on. I thank God that I don't have to keep this on for the entire five days, much less wear it to school. I could never function and would draw tremendous attention. It's very loud.

I don't think I can stand it much longer and writing this has taken forever because of my errors and cross outs. I was wrong. I can't stand it. I'm going back to my room to masturbate.

Day 1 8:04 am

I'm feeling much better. Masturbating helped a lot. My desperation isn't so intense. I'm also in the process of getting ready for school, so I have removed the vibrator and inserted my ben wa balls. These are not nearly so difficult to deal with. They move inside me, but do not create the same feelings of immediate need the vibrator does.

I've worn the ben wa balls out before. A friend of mine and I used to wear them (different sets of course) to the mall, walking and shopping. It was always fun to see which one of us showed the effects first. Usually it was me. An hour or so of brisk walking would churn my sex up into a frothing well of lust. Thank God the walk between classes should not be as intense.

Master Michael has also instructed that I note what I wear each day. I'm tempted not to wear a bra or panties, but doing this automatically excites me, and considering my current condition, I don't think this would be wise. Of course I'm wearing a skirt, a green short pleated skirt that is very loose and swirls around me. I will lift it up to make sure I don't sit on it, because I'm worried that my juices might leak. Very unsexy to contemplate, but this is a scientific experiment.

My top today will be a simple red tee shirt. I'll look very Christmassy, despite Christmas being a month and a half away.

Day 1 8:55 am

I'm sitting in my first class of the day, and I have to say the walk across campus was difficult. It wasn't the constant rotation of the ben wa balls, but more a mental stimulation. The balls served as a constant reminder of what I was doing, this whole experiment, and I found myself ripening instantly. My hand kept going to my sex, pushing hard on my clit in an attempt to rid myself of the desires flooding through me. I've already had a sex toy inside me for almost two hours. Even as I sit here, I can feel them inside me. I must concentrate on my class. I have to, but I'm not sure if I can.

Day 1 10:04 am

The walk from my first to my second class was as distracting as the walk to my first. I imagine that this would be similar to having someone suck on your cock constantly, without interruption for several hours, with no chance of orgasm. That must be what this feels like. It was so tough to pay attention in class, and here I am again, my pussy tingling, soaking wet, hot, and I'm stuck in a tiny desk chair at the very front of the class. And it's a big class too, no empty seats. I wish I was alone on the back row, hidden from view. My hand would be buried in my pussy right now. Instead my legs are clamped together and every once in a while I find myself pressing down hard on my mons and clit, trying to suppress the feelings. One more class to go.

Day 1 11:09

Everyone thinks I'm taking notes, so this journal is working out well. I was late to class because I couldn't take it any more. It started with me needing to use the restroom. I went to the ladies room and removed the ben wa balls, took care of my bladder requirements, but then as I was reinserting the balls, I couldn't control myself. My fingers, slippery, were gliding in and out, the balls buried inside me, and suddenly I found myself legs splayed wide, sitting on the toilet, ramming my fingers home. I think that's the fastest I've ever came. Less than a minute. I cleaned my hands with toilet paper. Rearranged my clothes. Washed my hands, and then went to class, the ben wa balls still ringing inside myself, but with the overwhelming need that had been building up since this morning gone.

Day 1 12:42 pm

Lunch time and I am in a state. Upon getting home, I immediately stripped, removed the ben wa balls and reinserted the vibrator. That was part of the conditions. The ben wa balls are for public areas. The vibrator or bullets are for home. I have elected not to use the bullets yet since I KNOW those drive me crazy. Inserting the vibrator and turning it on immediately made my sex drive increase and I found myself pounding away, ramming my vibrator into my body over and over. Perhaps my bullets would be better. The long cylindrical shape of the vibrator is too much like a cock.

In any event, sitting at the kitchen table, totally naked, trying to eat lunch and write in my journal while I have a vibrator buried inside me, turned on low, is difficult, even after an intense orgasm. I'm beginning to feel the first vague sensations of sensitivity, tenderness inside my body, perhaps from my last masturbation. I also feel thirsty, and I've been drinking a bit more than I usually do. The constant presence inside me has also been troublesome. It serves as a constant reminder as to my condition, this experiment, and my sexual side. It's like a string tied around the finger to remind you of an important fact. Except of course it's a sexual presence as well.

Day 1 1:04 pm

I had to turn the vibrator off. I was getting tender. I'm keeping it in, my panties holding it deep inside me as I attempt to function like a regular person. I've now kept a sex toy of some kind inside me for six hours. I never imagined it would be this difficult.

Day 1 3:26 pm

I'm lying naked, face down on my bed, as I write this. There is a small white elongated control box, wires running out of it, sitting next to me. A small dial on the side indicates that the objects this control operates are currently running on "fast".

I can attest to that. I can feel them. My thighs are clamped together right now. I've got two plastic shiny purple egg shaped bullets in me right now. I can feel them clattering against each other. I was right in one way. Not being in the shape of a cock is helping, but the thought that I must endure another hour or so of their vibrations before being allowed to turn them off is enough to almost make me cry. It's been eight hours and the only times I have not had something inside me was for the few minutes when I've used the restroom. I've gone twice, and frankly it is a relief to remove whatever sex toy is in me and urinate. Almost as pleasurable as removing a rock from your shoe after you've walked twenty miles with it in.

My hips are thrusting. It's involuntary, just a physical reaction to my desires. I feel like a humping dog, thrusting myself down upon a pillow. I'm desperate. Oh God I want to be fucked. This is nuts. I'm gonna masturbate.

Day 1 3:45 pm

I feel a little better, and I've turned the bullets off. I know that I'm supposed to leave them on for an hour, but I can't. They're still inside me of course, and I will turn them back on in about thirty minutes or so. Master Michael did not say I couldn't break up the one hour of activation time in the three hours. Masturbating felt fantastic. My fingers played with my clit, and I managed three orgasms.

I'm actually glad I'm multi orgasmic. It's a great skill. Its too bad guys can't do it.

I'm thinking about showering, but I know the bullets would have to come out. I can't put my ben wa balls back in, but the vibrator would slip out. I think I will have to break the rule about the ben wa balls only being for classes. I think Master Michael won't mind. Shower time.

Day 1 4:10 pm

I feel much better. Showering helped. I was all sticky from earlier. I'm still wet, but at least there is a cleanliness that I didn't have before. The ben wa balls were perfect for the shower. They stayed in except when I washed myself. Hygiene is a definite issue when it comes to sex toys. I usually wash them in soap and water, and then pour some rubbing alcohol over them afterwards. Of course, usually I don't leave them in. I've taken care of the ben wa balls and my vibrator. Right now I've got the bullets back in. I'm wearing panties, shorts, bra, and a tee shirt. The control for the bullets is in my back pocket, with the wire running up to my waistband and then down into my panties. It really isn't noticeable. Of course, I don't have it on either. My pussy is still wet a bit, and a bit tender. It only takes half the usual time to get me revved up when ever a toy is vibrating.

I'm handling the psychology of this a bit better as well. I guess I'm getting used to having something up inside me. I can almost ignore it, as long as nothing is vibrating.

Day 1 7:28 pm

I've endured another vibration session. I used the bullets. I at least was smart enough to retire to my room and strip though. It was difficult to wait. I sat there, trying to watch television as the little tremors shook me. So distracting…

I think I made it halfway through my show before I couldn't stand it. Fifteen minutes of vibrations and I had my fingers buried under the blankets and between my legs. I've gone twelve hours with something inside me and I've masturbated four times.

Tonight at eight I have to get online with Master Michael and report how my day went. We both know that I will be sitting there, my legs spread to either side of the chair, the vibrator buried inside myself, turned on high. It will be difficult to type. Distracting.

Excerpt from Instant Messaging.

Michaelalexander7575: Good evening, Angie. How are you feeling?

Angiefun: I'm good. Thank you for asking sir.

Michaelalexander7575: So how is our experiment coming?

Angiefun: I think cumming would be the better word sir. Michaelalexander7575: Really? How many times today?

Angiefun: four sir.

Michaelalexander7575: And no undue side effects? Are you sensitive?

Angiefun: Yes sir I am. When ever the toys vibrate it's very tough for me to concentrate and I find myself needing to orgasm quickly.

Michaelalexander7575: What else?

Angiefun: Well…its tough walking to class with my ben wa balls in.

Michaelalexander7575: lol

Angiefun: and frankly, I think I'm spending much more time with my fingers in my pussy.

Michaelalexander7575: Good. That's exactly what I want to hear.

Angiefun: Sir? I need to ask for an exeption.

Michaelalexander7575: An exemption? Or an exception?

Angiefun: Both, either, I don't know. I just need to ask for permission to use the ben wa balls while showering. The vibe won't stay in and the bullets aren't supposed to get wet.

Michaelalexander7575: lol. Sure. I think that will be fine.

Angiefun: Thank you sir. I really appreciate your consideration.

Michaelalexander7575: Not in the least. I appreciate you doing this for me. Did you scan your journal?

Angiefun: Yes sir. I made eleven entries.

Michaelalexander7575: Eleven? Fantastic. Send it to me at my email address.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: What do you have in right now?

Angiefun: My vibrator sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Is it on?

Angiefun: No sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Turn it on.

Angiefun: Yes sir. Just a sec.

Angiefun: It's on now sir.

Michaelalexander7575: On high?

Angiefun: Yes sir, uits on high.

Angiefun: I mean it's.

Michaelalexander7575: Don't worry about typos. I understand what you're going through.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Were you embarrassed today, Angie?

Angiefun: A little sir, especially when I was walking to and from class. I kept feeling the ben wa balls move around and it drove me crazy. I actually had to go to the restroom and masturbate once.

Michaelalexander7575: Excellent. Would you say that the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation heightens or dampens your sexual stimulation?

Angiefun: Heightens sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Hmmmm. We might need to explore this avenue later on during our experiment. Maybe day three. What are you wearing right now?

Angiefun: Nothing sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Excellent. I like a girl who comes to the internet with nothing on and a vibrator buried inside of her.

Angiefun: Thank you sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Did you endure two hours of vibration this afternoon?

Angiefun: Yes sir, kinda.

Michaelalexander7575: Kinda? What does that mean?

Angiefun: Well, it became a little too intense with my bullets sir, so I stopped the vibration after about thirty minutes, took a break and then started again.

Michaelalexander7575: So you didn't do the entire hour at one time?

Angiefun: no sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Angie, that's very bad.

Angiefun: I'm sorry sir. I just couldn't take it.

Michaelalexander7575: But you have to take it. You agreed to this. I need to know what your reactions are, precisely.

Angiefun: I'm sorry sir. I'll make sure not to break it up next time.

Michaelalexander7575: That's right, and I think you need a reminder. Get your toy box and a candle. Turn your microphone on. Angiefun: Please sir, you don't have to punish me!

Michaelalexander7575: Yes I do. I told you when we started what the consequences for disobeying me would be. Let me guess, you've already taken a shower with your ben wa balls too, haven't you?

Angiefun: Yes sir. I'm sorry.

Michaelalexander7575: You will be. Get that mic on now.

End excerpt from Instant Messaging

Day 1 10:31 pm

It's been almost fourteen hours since I started this insane experiment. I can now say I've masturbated six times, each time reaching climax. I'm exhausted. I've never cum so much on one day ever. At least not solo. I've had some great sex before, but not like this, where its my own actions that bring me to climax.

I endured my punishment, legs spread, vibrator inside myself. Master Michael didn't actually do too much to me. A little bit of heating cream on my nipples and clit, about ten minutes with clothespins, and the ramming of the vibrator into myself with the mic at my groin so he could hear the sounds of it going in and out until I came. That was it. Not shabby for breaking his rules.

I could have taken more, a lot more. LOL I shouldn't even write that here in my journal since tomorrow I will have to scan it again and send it to him. But knowing that…Master Michael, you can punish me harder next time! If there is a next time for me breaking the rules!

I'm about to go to bed. I took another shower, ben wa balls included, before going to bed. I've decided to wear panties, tee shirt, and gym shorts tonight. Right now the vibrator, turned off, is rammed up into me, with my panties holding it in snuggly. I almost wish I had one of those little pocket rockets to use. Something a little smaller. I'd put in the bullets, but with two little eggs knocking about inside me, I know I can't take that. I think I might be able to handle the vibrator.

Master Michael asked me to try to sleep with it on. I know that isn't going to work. But to please him, I will try. He said I could leave it on low, just so long as it was on. He asked me to try for at least an hour. I don't think I have the strength for another orgasm. More likely I will just lie there, unable to sleep, staring up at the ceiling, while the buzzing goes on.

Day 1 11:04 pm

I was wrong. I had the strength to orgasm. I can't sleep like this, but have to try for another thirty minutes.

Day 1 11:44 pm

God! Tie me down with my hands above my head if you want me to relax enough to sleep like this! I can't! I can't sleep with this thing buzzing! It's going off. I have to sleep.

Day 2 7:31 am

Good morning. I slept just fine after I turned off the damn vibrator. Right now it's still in me. I'm eating breakfast and writing in my journal. Right now it's more of a distraction than a sexual stimulation. Kind of like having a bandage wrapped around your thumb while writing. You can do it, its irritating, but doesn't do anything to facilitate your writing skill.

Okay bad analogy. I'm sorry.

My first class isn't till 9:30 this morning, so I'm kind of relaxing right now. I'm so glad Jamie is on that week long trip with the student council right now, because I would have an awful lot of explaining to do.

I'm trying to decide what to wear today. I think I can get away with jeans and a tee shirt, provided I wear a maxi pad in my panties. I know…gross. But considering the results of yesterday, it might be the smart thing to do, rather than walk around looking like I've wet myself. That would be totally humiliating, and not in the good way.

Master Michael mentioned arranging my clothing choices in a way that would embarrass me. I hope he remembers my limits. I specifically stated "nothing that will get me arrested or expelled." To be honest, I've known Master Michael for over a year and he has never broken my limits. I admit to a bit of curiosity. Will I be going out in a mini skirt and no panties? I hope not. Sitting in a mini skirt like that would result in a wet spot that could be seen from the rear. Maybe a sweat shirt to wrap around my waist? I could care less about the top. I've gone braless a lot over the years. Guys (and even a few girls I could mention…Kat…I know you will get to read this) go crazy over the sight of me in a tight tank top. I love doing that to guys.

So far, I've had a sex toy inside me for over twenty four hours. I'm doing a lot better than I though I would be. Last night was difficult, but only with the vibrator on. Just having it inside me is something I can handle relatively easily. It's gotten to be almost as if I were chewing gum, or was wearing a choker necklace. Its there. I notice it. But it has little effect on me.

I have noticed that I'm thirsty a lot more. I suppose it has a lot to do with my hydration levels and the copious amounts of lubrication I am forcing my body to produce. Other than that, I haven't really noticed any other major differences occurring.

Day 2 9:34 am

I'm sitting in my first class of the day and I'm thankful that I've only got two. I think I can make it. They're relatively close together, and not all the way across the campus like my classes were yesterday. Just walking from my apartment to the campus was rough, the ben wa balls giving off their distinctive but muted ringing. But it was enough to start my juices flowing. It was as if someone's fingers were inside me, at least two but more like four, wiggling, softly and steadily. Or as if someone were licking me up and down, never slowing, never stopping, and yet never actually striking my clit. It has been maddening. I've only regained enough of my composure to write, and that's because I'm sitting down in class and not walking anymore. Yesterday I made it through two classes before ending up in the restroom masturbating. I will try to make it home instead.

Day 2 10:58 am

Made it. Sitting down now. I'm breathing hard. This was tough. Thank God I didn't have to go farther. Another twenty yards and I would have been heading to the nearest bathroom. These things are maddening! Rolling around inside me. This is not what I expected when I agreed to do this. I can't think of anything except what it would be like to be spread eagled, tied with my legs apart, while every guy who crosses my path lowers his trousers and rams me hard. I'm certainly not paying attention to what's being said in class. I'm supposed to be taking notes right now and all I can think about is my pussy! Think think think! TAKE NOTES NOW!

Day 2 1:15 pm

I didn't make it home. I was half way and I stepped behind a bush, snapped my jean shorts open, and rubbed my clit till I came. I think it took all of a minute and a half. First masturbation of the day. In public. Well done, Angie. I stepped out from behind the bushes with a wet finger and two guys eyeing me as they walked down the street. There is no way they could have known what I had just done behind the bushes, but I thought they knew. I turned scarlet. I could feel the heat on my face. And right behind that was the new rush of lust. I stood there, not wanting to take a step, knowing that the torment of the ben wa balls would begin immediately, but not wanting to just stand there while these two boys looked at me, knowing I was a slut. The ben wa balls won and I hurried home.

I'm sitting her now at the kitchen table. As soon as I got home, I removed the ben wa balls, grabbed the vibrator, turned it on, and masturbated a second time, all the while dreaming that those two boys had found me behind the bush, my shorts and panties down around my knees, my fingers buried in my pussy. In my dream their cocks were out and I was sucking on one cock as another buried itself in my ass. I came in moments, gushing all over the vibrator.

It's still in, but off right now. I'll turn it on after lunch. I don't think I can handle an entire hour of it, but I am going to sit and watch a movie with it on low. It's just a fact of mind over matter right? I'm strong and I can take anything Master Michael can dish out.

Day 2 3:26pm

I was right. I can take it. I left it on for the first hour of the movie and even an extra ten minutes! On low. I kept my legs together, my hands on top of a pillow which sat in my lap. I watched Steel Magnolias, an old movie my mom introduced to me. It's sad and has very little to do with sex, so I was okay through most of the movie. God help me if I had watched a porn tape! (I have some too, but I'm not that crazy!)

I think this is the first time I've managed not to masturbate after being vibrated. I'm soaked of course, and to be honest, I WANT to masturbate, but I'm trying hard not to. Having had the vibrator off for the last hour has helped. I just need a cold shower. Of course, I have another hour coming up, don't I? Maybe I will try the bullets instead.

Day 2 5:52 pm

It's been almost thirty six hours. I replaced the vibrator with the bullets for my hour of torment, which is what I'm now calling the time when I have to endure the vibrations. You would think that I would be getting used to it, but the truth is that the constant sexual stimulation is making me crazy. I'm thinking about sex so much! In any event, it has become evident that I can't go for two torment hours without masturbating. I was thirty minutes into the second hour with the bullets and I couldn't stop myself. I spread my legs, twisted on the bed, had my shorts off in seconds followed by my panties. I had one finger buried in my slit, touching the bullets, pushing them in deep and hard, while my other hand rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes and imagined Master Michael whipping me on the clit and nipples, tormenting me. In seconds it was over. I was sticky, wet, tired, and totally limp. Limp as a guy's cock after sex. But I left them on. I kept the bullets on. Low speed, a soft ongoing rumble that kept me on edge until I turned them off a few minutes ago. A whole hour Master Michael. No punishments tonight!

Excerpt from Instant Messaging.

Michaelalexander7575: Evening, Angie. How is our experiment going? Handling the sensations okay?

Angiefun: I think it's going pretty good sir. I've become a little more tolerant and used to the feeling of having a toy inside me all the time, and I can actually make it through an entire hour of vibration with out masturbating as long as I've got something else to concentrate on, like television or something.

Michaelalexander7575: Really. I'm surprised. I would have thought that you would have become more sensitive to sexual stimulation, not inured against it. Hmmm.

Michaelalexander7575: Do you have your journal scanned and ready to be sent to me?

Angiefun: I've already sent it sir. Should be there in just a moment.

Michaelalexander7575: Good. Give me a moment to read it.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Well your entries are certainly interesting reading. So you felt that the punishment I inflicted on you was light?

Angiefun: Well…

Michaelalexander7575: lol

Angiefun: I suppose so sir. I'm not trying to be naughty, it's just that some of the things I've done before last night have been much more painful and much more naughty.

Michaelalexander7575: Yes I know. I was going light on you because of your day. I realize now that I should have been harsher. My apologies.

Angiefun: Sir, there is no need to apologize. I still came.

Michaelalexander7575: Having an orgasm wasn't the goal, Angie. The goal of my punishment last night, and of this entire experiment, is to see how much unrelenting sexual stimulation your body, the female body, can handle.

Angiefun: Yes sir, I understand.

Michaelalexander7575: I'm not sure you do. What toy do you have in you right now?

Angiefun: The vibrator sir.

Michaelalexander7575: I hope it's on right now?

Angiefun: No sir. I had it on an hour or so ago, for an entire hour, so I didn't think I needed to have it on for our conversation.

Michaelalexander7575: You are in error. I expect whatever toy you have in you during our conversation to be operating at full power for the entire duration. Turn it on immediately.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Angiefun: It's on now sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Legs spread to the sides of the chair?

Angiefun: yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: What are you wearing?

Angiefun: I'm wearing a pair of flip flops, gray gym shorts, panties, a bra, and a tee shirt sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Good. But I want you to remove all your clothes except for the panties.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: So you had to wear a maxi pad today?

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Was it soaked?

Angiefun: Yes sir, I soaked it.

Michaelalexander7575: Did it embarrass you?

Angiefun: Not my maxi pad sir. Today was a lot easier because I only had two classes. It was the walk home that humiliated me.

Michaelalexander7575: Almost being caught?

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Maybe we need to risk your exposure a little more since it seems to excite you.

Angiefun: I'd rather not get arrested sir.

Michaelalexander7575: I'm aware of that. I will not risk you in that manner.

Angiefun: Thank you sir.

Michaelalexander7575: According to your journal, you seem to becoming used to the presence of the sex toys.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Well, considering the goal of this experiment, that doesn't suit our needs. From now on I want you to have the vibrations on every other hour.

Angiefun: But sir!

Michaelalexander7575: Do you think you can't handle that? You said you were getting used to it.

Angiefun: Well, yes sir. I am, but every other hour? I can barely handle having the vibrations on for an entire hour!

Michaelalexander7575: Angie, this experiment is all about your responses. I need to know.

Angiefun: I'm sorry sir.

Michaelalexander7575: You will do as I say, won't you. I need to know what your reactions are, precisely.

Angiefun: Yes sir. Every other hour.

Michaelalexander7575: That's right. Now, I want you to try sleeping with the vibrator on again.

Angiefun: Again? But sir, I thought I explained to you that it just doesn't work!

Michaelalexander7575: I know you did. But I want you to try again. A hour and a half. Keep the vibrator on for ninety minutes at least. See if you can sleep.

Angiefun: All right sir, I'll try again.

Michaelalexander7575: I'm glad. I appreciate you going through all this for me. Angiefun: You're welcome sir.

End excerpt from Instant Messaging

Day 2 11:17 pm

It's getting harder. Handling the sensations I mean. Master Michael kept me sitting at the computer with the vibrator on for over an hour. I masturbated once on the microphone for him near the end. I was a wreck, a pleading animal that needed nothing more than permission to touch herself. Its bed time now and I dread the next hour and a half.

I'm lying in my bed right now. I'm nude except for a pair of purple colored bikini style panties. The cotton of the crotch is stretched and if my legs were spread you would be able to see the round outline of the base of my vibrator. It's on right now. A slow rolling thrum that is driving me crazy. I'm trying to write while I endure this hour and a half of torment, in an effort to distract myself from the sensations. Despite my last orgasm at the computer, I can feel my body reacting to the stimulation. A glass of water sits on the bedside table and I find myself drinking more and more.

I showered right before my evening conversation with Master Michael, and admittedly it was a gentle respite from the onslaught of sexual stimulation I've been experiencing. Now I can't wait for tomorrow. The almost peaceful ringing of the ben wa balls should be nothing to experience. Except of course, Master Michael had some very specific dress requirements for tomorrow. Knowing what is expected of me, I feel the same feelings of embarrassment I felt today at the bush creeping upon me. I almost wonder if the ben wa balls will be MORE difficult.

Its time to sleep. I'm tired. I'm at least going to try. Turn out the light, clutch my pillow and attempt to sleep. No more sexual thoughts. Good night.

Day 2 12:47 am

I tried Master Michael. I really did. An hour and a half. I've had to masturbate again. I just can't take it. I can't sleep like this. I've turned them off and it's only been my promise to you that's keeping the damned vibrator in me at all. Tomorrow night I sleep with my bullets in. OFF.


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