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The Classroom Ordeal (2003)

The Classroom Ordeal

With astonishing timidity, both hands slowly wound their way around the white face of the clock, each movement agonizingly slow. Rebecca’s eyes gazed intently into the circle from across the room, watching each minuscule motion with agony. She longed to reach up, remove the damn thing from the wall, and dash it to pieces against the chalk covered board. She inwardly groaned. How much longer could a group of advanced placement students tolerate biology class? Her thoughts drifted back over the previous weekend, the gift of a new car from her parents, for her eighteenth birthday.

Ms. Temis continued her droning lecture about the biology of cells, harping about mitochondria and permeable and non-permeable surfaces and so on and so forth until it all became a monotone jumble in Rebecca’s mind. Her thoughts faded away from the monotonous discourse until they focused on the clock, counting away the final minutes until the school day ended.

Ms. Temis’ spectacled eyes were still buried in her book, a huge teacher’s edition tome that gave her all the answers to the questions, and yet did nothing for her capabilities to illuminate young minds. Rebecca shifted in her seat, smoothing her blue plaid skirt around her legs, fidgeting against the boredom.

As her teacher began another section on mitosis, Rebecca felt the soft touch of a shoe. She started in her seat as she realized that Erica, the girl seated directly behind her, had tapped her ankle. She almost turned but remembered swiftly that Ms. Temis tolerated no interruptions and that violations were immediately and mercilessly dealt with. Rebecca stared forward resolutely, totally resolved not to attract the punishing eye of Ms. Temis.

Erica kicked her again, this time with more force, and Rebecca slowly shook her head. Ms. Temis continued to read from the book and Rebecca ignored Erica’s incessant tapping. The hands of the clock moved another fraction, marking the time with slow even ticks.

Rebecca stiffened when she felt the sharp point of Erica’s pencil dig into the soft skin at the nape of her neck and she hunched her shoulders upward. Keeping an eye on Ms. Temis, she casually reached upward to remove Erica’s pencil point from her neck. But as she reached backward her hand encountered something other than a pencil and she felt a small square of paper pushed into her hand. Then the sharp prickling of the pencil was gone.

Rebecca brought her hand backward and she froze in terror as she saw the small note. She glanced up at Ms. Temis, fear rising to her throat, but the teacher was still boring her students to death. Rebecca hastily brought her hand down to her lap, hiding the offending piece of parchment.

For several minutes she concentrated on the lecture, filling her mind with osmosis and asexual reproduction. But the insipid disquisition of Ms. Temis tempted her mind to wonder about the small square piece of paper, hidden under the hem of her skirt. Slowly, her eyes fastened on Ms. Temis’ face, she drew the note forth and carefully unfolded it. Flattened out on her lap, hidden from view by her desk, she guiltily looked down onto the paper.

“Rebecca!” called out Ms. Temis sharply, admonishment in her voice.

Rebecca jumped in her seat, before even reading the paper, startled by the sudden shout of her instructor.

“Yes Ms. Temis?” she asked quickly.

“What are you looking at?” demanded Ms. Temis, her eyes narrowing.

Rebecca gulped and stammered, “N-n-nothing, Ms. Temis.”

Ms. Temis sneered at her, shaking her head. “Then you will explain how that small piece of paper that has fallen off your lap onto the floor is nothing, young lady!”

Rebecca glanced down and saw that in her startlement, she had caused the still unread note to fall not an inch from her sandaled foot. Rebecca’s eyes widened in alarm and she shook her head.

“I-I-I don’t know what that is, Ms. Temis.” She replied.

“Bring it here, now!” Ms. Temis ordered.

Rebecca stood up, carefully smoothing her skirt downward. She knelt down and scooped the note upward and tried to read as she walked to the lectern. But Ms. Temis snatched it away from her and read it silently.

Rebecca watched Ms. Temis’ gray eyes turn to steel and goose bumps raced up and down her arms. Ms. Temis crumpled the note up into a tiny ball and hurled it at the waist basket, the rim. Rebecca watched as it fell to the side of the can against the side board.

“You know what the punishment is for passing notes is, don’t you?” demanded Ms. Temis.

“Yes Ms.,” said Rebecca, tears coming to her eyes. “But I didn’t pass it! Please believe me!”

Ms. Temis snarled. “Of course I am supposed to believe that!” The teacher took hold of Rebecca’s arm and yanked her forward toward the large oak desk that stood at the front of the room. As she was pulled, Rebecca’s large shirt pulled against the front of her chest and for the briefest moment, each delicate nipple was outlined against the cloth, large and solid.

Ms Temis gasped. “How dare you? How dare you come to this class without wearing the appropriate under things?”

Tears came welling up into Rebecca’s eyes. “Please Ms. Temis, I’m sorry! It won’t happen again! Please!” and she broke into sobs.

Ms. Temis face turned scarlet. “How dare you! I will deal with that infraction as soon as I am done with your note passing! Now face the desk, young lady! Immediately!”

Rebecca nodded, her eyes bleeding the watery tears of misery. She took a single step forward until she felt the hard edge of the desk bite into the tops of her thighs.

“Bend over!” demanded Ms. Temis.

Rebecca leaned over the desk, resting her chest and arms on the ridged writing surface. The tears continued to spill from her face, pooling softly under her upturned cheek. She closed her eyes as she heard the desk drawer being pulled open and she knew the large leather crop Ms. Temis kept there had been removed.

“Lift you skirt, young lady,” Ms. Temis ordered.  

Rebecca made no move to obey, trembling against the flood of emotions that flooded through her. Ms. Temis made a growling sound and grasped the hem of Rebecca’s skirt, flipping it upward over her buttocks and back.

The sudden gasps of her schoolmates as well as the gasp of astonishment that came from Ms. Temis told Rebecca that the sight of her bared bottom had surprised them all. Ms. Temis’ mouth opened and closed like a caught fish, filled with fury at the unbridled disobedience of Rebecca’s decision not to wear panties.

“You will be punished for that as well!” Ms. Temis screeched loudly, smacking the crop against the palm of her hand.

Rebecca said nothing, enduring tears of embarrassment as her classmates caught site of her cream buttocks and the smooth lips of her sex deep between her legs. She pushed her thighs together tightly, trying to block even the smallest peek of her sex to the now hungry eyes of her classmates.

The landing of the crop took her totally by surprise. Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk, as if dangling from a cliff, as her bottom clenched in agony. Rebecca cried out loud, feeling the radiating pain and then heat cascade downward over her smooth skin.

The crop landed again, and then again, beating its sharp painful path across the landscape of her seat. The fire roared in her ears and the salty taste of her tears slipped across her crimson lips. Ms. Temis hesitated; she examined the red streaked cheeks of Rebecca’s bottom and then gave the girl a final stroke.

“Stand up and turn around!” ordered Ms. Temis.

Rebecca slowly lifted herself up from the desk, her arms and legs trembling. She realized that through the twenty strokes Ms. Temis had given her that her thighs had parted and spread, giving her class those tantalizing glimpses of her hidden depths. As she turned she glanced upward and saw the riveted attention of her peers, staring in fascination and desire. She quickly looked down.

“Place your hands palm down on the desk behind you, young lady!” Ms. Temis told her, the anger still raging through the teacher’s face.

Rebecca leaned backward and placed her hands on the flat surface behind her. She felt awkward, tilted with her breasts, stomach, and loins oddly extended toward the class.

“Take one step forward!” demanded Temis. Rebecca trembled and took a tiny step forward, keeping her hands flat upon the smooth warm wood of the desk.

“NO! A large step, you slut!” shouted Temis.

Rebecca jumped and stepped outward, pushing her groin and breasts outward as her body arched itself upward and back. Ms. Temis reached forward and grabbed the edge of her white blouse and yanked hard. Tiny white buttons flew outward, like small pieces of popcorn, showering the front row of the schoolmates turned audience.

Temis yanked the white cloth aside, baring creamy white breasts and light pink areola. Rebecca gasped as the cool air rushed by her nipples and she felt her skin involuntarily tighten, hardening, pushing the delicate tips of her breast outward.
Ms. Temis’ eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Now spread your legs.” She told the girl.

Rebecca took two small steps outward with each leg, spreading her legs apart and pushing the cotton sides of her skirt outward.

“I think the humiliation of your punishment will be as important as the physical reminder, young lady.” Ms. Temis said, and she lifted the front hem of Rebecca’s skirt and tucked it into the waistband.

Rebecca shivered under the onslaught of stares and carnivorous looks of her class. Her spread legs and bared breasts perfectly displayed ever secret charm and piece of her body. Her body quivered and then suddenly she felt a spurt of wetness between her legs. The crop swung through her vision and came crashing down upon her breasts. Her lips parted with a sudden cry and she arched outward, thrusting her hips and breasts forward in a knee jerk reaction. Temis quickly followed with another crashing blow, bring a bright red welt to surface across both breasts.

A series of quick short slaps on each lush nipple turned Rebecca’s breasts bright crimson, repeating the heat seared look of her buttocks. Over and over her breasts were tenderized in a deluge of strikes, bringing sheets of tears to her cheeks. As if the devil had taken her, Ms. Temis swung harder and harder. 

And then the blows stopped. Rebecca’s body ached and sheets of pain radiated out from her bosom like the heat of a bonfire, singeing her soul. But in the moments following the intense shooting pains, a heat that had begun building deep within her as she dealt with the exposure of her body came close to fruition. The thick wetness deep inside her flooded downward and she knew that the lips of her sex were soaked with desire, and not the rivulets of perspiration that had flowed down her abdomen.

Ms. Temis brought the crop down on the very center of Rebecca’s sex. With an agonizing cry the young girl arched and twisted as the leather crop landed wetly against the thick and swollen lips of her flower. Ms. Temis pulled back and allowed only a moment before she struck again.

And then the pain faded. Ms. Temis struck again and again and Rebecca shuddered under each strike, but it wasn’t the sensation of punishment and pain that filled the girl’s mind. With each additional stroke, Rebecca’s nerves tightened and she felt the oncoming orgasm sweep upward toward its peak from a fathomless depth. As Ms. Temis brought the crop into Rebecca, the young girl pushed her loins forward, meeting the crisp bite quicker and with more sparks.

Ms. Temis began calling out the number of strokes, her nasally voice enunciating the number sixteen. Rebecca surged forward as the next swing came up between her legs. The rush of adrenaline cascaded and rushed through her. Again Temis swung her crop and Rebecca twisted to center the head of the whip right on her clit. Rebecca gasped out loud, shaking in desire and pleasure, the pain fading into the intensity between her legs. Temis called out nineteen and swung again low, smashing the rod of the crop again Rebecca’s sodden petals. Rebecca jumped and her body began the physical meltdown of orgasm.

On the twentieth lash, wave upon wave rushed through her veins like fire, filling her body with the roaring of her blood. Her chest heaved with strain as her lungs filled hungrily to fuel the rushing cells of her loins with oxygen. Still more waves rocked her, threatening to overwhelm her and she could feel the tsunami beginning to build, a final orgasm of shattering height. But then the blows stopped and Rebecca groaned in agony as the tide began to ebb.

Ms. Temis stepped back, gasping in shock as she realized that her brutal humiliating punishment had inaugurated a sexual epiphany in the girl before her. The fury of earlier returned in a flash and she raised the crop high above her head and brought it swiftly across Rebecca’s body, slamming it as hard as she could into the red and steaming petals of flesh between the girls legs.

And the tsunami crested, raging up higher than Rebecca thought possible and her body shook and quivered like gelatin as the orgasm rushed through every pore and every limb. Her eyes rolled backward as her brain overloaded, locking out all sensation except for the sheets of pleasure exploding through her form.

Her arms crumpled and her body turned as it fell. She lay in a sodden heap before the desk, feeling the sticky wetness of her orgasm seep through the aching and hot lips of her sex. She lay motionless, simply breathing the cool sweet air.

Ms. Temis stepped backward, staring at the fallen form of the abused girl. Her eyes widened in alarm as she realized she had stepped over a line better not crossed. She dropped the whip and walked swiftly out of the room, leaving the students in stunned silence.

The harsh sound of the final bell pealed out and the students quickly rose from the seats. The thumping and bumping of bags and purses, of books and shoes, filled the room, but no voices. No one spoke. Rebecca felt each person pass her, looking down at her half naked form.

And then she was alone. Slowly, carefully, she raised her self up. She gathered a few of the buttons that lay within her reach and she pulled herself up with the edge of the desk. Her limbs felt like lead and her breasts, buttocks, and sex hurt as if they had been abraded by sand.

Her small steps brought her to her desk and she gathered her things. Finally she moved toward the door and her eyes caught sight of the small white smashed ball of paper. She leaned down and picked it up and held it. With slow patience, she pulled the creased sheet apart and saw the heavy masculine script scrawled across it.

“Rebecca, you’re so sexy. I hope Ms. Temis sees you with this note so you are punished. I want to see you hit with that crop,” she read.

Rebecca could only smile.


The End

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