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Angie's Humiliation (2003)

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Part One

A cool night breeze blew gently, ruffling Angie's long dark hair as she walked across the sun baked parking lot. Despite the sinking of the flaming sun a few hours before, the sticky asphalt still radiated the extreme heat it had collected throughout the day. Angie could feel the waves against her bare legs and then right up the short black skirt that was wrapped around her hips. She paused as she stepped up onto the walkway that led to the restaurant door and looked around nervously. A single parking lot light was on, shrouding the rest of the restaurant exterior in darkness.

Angie looked through the windows of the building. The dining area was dark, but that was to be expected this late. The restaurant had already closed. She was here to pick up her best friend Kathy who was assisting the shift manager to close the store. Angie thought she saw some movement behind the counter, deep in the kitchen despite the abandoned look of the place.

Angie didn't really want to go in. When Kathy had called and told her what to wear that evening, Angie had hesitated. Of course, as usual she had eventually capitulated, putting on the short black skirt and red halter top. Angie had even given in on some of the other requirements, though not all. And that was what had Angie worried.

She opened her small purse and saw the three red colored latex balls sitting there. They were connected with a thin but solid strand of string, making a brace of golf ball sized, crimson pearls. She glanced around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching her, but she couldn't bring herself to pull them out. She closed her purse. "Maybe Kathy won't notice" Angie told herself.

She turned back toward the door and saw her friend swinging a mop around. Kathy's long blonde hair was tied in a single ponytail that stuck out through the back of a maroon hat. Angie sighed softly. No matter how hard she tried she would never look as pretty as Kat. Angie's skin was dusky; White porcelain to over baked terra cotta. Angie's dark chocolate hair was thick and shiny, but secretly she envied the blonde straight hair Kat tied back each day. Kat said Angie was just as beautiful, but Angie knew that blondes really do have more fun.

Angie rapped on the window and saw Kat emerge from behind the counter. Kathy smiled and waved at her, putting down the mop she was swinging. The uniformed girl stood the mop against the counter and quickly walked to the door, unlatching it and letting her friend in.

"Hey girl. You look great." Kat said as Angie stepped through the door.

"Thanks. You almost done?" Angie asked.

Kat grimaced. "Jason's working me harder than normal but I should be done in the next ten minutes. Come on over to the counter. We can talk while I finish mopping." Kat motioned Angie to follow her.

Angie navigated her way through the tables and stacked chairs, her high heeled sandals seeming to echo loudly in the still dining area. She tried to walk slowly, a few feet behind Kat, as they approached the counter. Kat turned and looked at her, a frown upon her face. She stopped and waited for Angie.

"You're being a bad girl aren't you?" Kat said softly. Her right hand went around Angie's waist and pulled her close.

Angie's eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry Kat, I just couldn't. Please…"

Kat's hand slid down over Angie's bottom. "Just couldn't? Oh no, girl. You're going to pay for it. You know what happens when you disobey me." Kat replied, a touch of mischievousness in her voice.

Kat pulled Angie forward and through the employee walkway around the counter and into the serving area. Angie resisted slightly, never expecting to find herself in the kitchen of the restaurant. A metal counter stood between the grills and food preparation area and the cashier stations where she now stood. Soda machines and a large warming plate stood on the counter.

"Hey Jason!" said Kathy. "I want you to meet my best friend, Angie."

Angie saw a face appear from a back storage room. Jason was dressed in his maroon uniform shirt and hat and he wore a nametag that declared him a shift manager. His apron was splattered with ketchup and other condiments, but he was smiling. Angie realized how attractive he was and she felt a sudden tingling.

Kat was still holding Angie's hand as Jason approached the counter, looking over it.

"Nice to meet you" he said, smiling warmly. He extended his hand over the counter.

Angie smiled. "Yeah, nice to meet you." She reached over the warmer plate and shook his hand. She was a little shocked when she felt the heat streaming up from it.

Jason seemed embarrassed. "Oh, sorry about that. We turned if off already, but it stays warm for a long time. Can't burn you though, see?" He placed the palm of his hand on the warm surface. "Just very warm. " He held is hand down on the plate for a couple seconds. When he pulled his hand up Angie could see that it was a light pink.

Kat laughed. "Angie doesn't mind." She looked at Angie. "Do you?"

Angie shook her head. "Um…no."

Kathy turned back to Jason. "Angie's been bad."

"Oh please, Kat no…"

Jason looked confused. Kathy nodded, smiling.

"I don't understand." Jason replied.

Kat looked at Angie and ran her fingers through the dark cascade of hair.

"Angie was supposed to wear something tonight when she picked me up and she isn't wearing it." Kat told Jason.

"Please…please Kat, don't… not here. Please…" Angie begged, turning to Kathy. Kathy ignored her.

"Want to see her tits?" Kathy suddenly asked Jason.

Jason's eyes popped open in shock. "Huh?"

Kathy giggled. "Do you want to see her breasts, Jason?" She repeated.

Jason's mouth opened and closed a few times. "Well…I…um…" He floundered.

Kat turned to Angie. "Lift your shirt." She ordered.

Angie's eyes were overflowing with tears and she looked at Kat, begging silently. Kat's eyes merely narrowed. Angie's face fell with acceptance and she took hold of her halter top with both hands and raised it upward. Her pierced navel had already been exposed and she kept her eyes downcast as the halter top cleared the swell of her breasts, baring the large nipples. She left the top bunched around her neck, dropping her hands back down to her sides.

"Oh my God." Jason muttered, watching in rapture. Angie saw his hand reach down to his pants and straighten his thickening cock through the cloth.

Kat raised her hand and flicked one of Angie's nipples. Angie jerked with the sudden sensation and Kat laughed. "Oh yes, she's been bad." Kat's eyes narrowed. "Did you even bring them?" She asked.

Angie nodded. "They're in my purse." She said.

Kat took hold of Angie purse, pulling it from Angie's shoulder. Kat opened it quickly and removed the latex balls. They jingled and rang as she put purse down on the counter behind her.

Jason looked even more confused but he stood riveted. "What are those?" He asked.

Kat smiled at him. "Vibroballs. They shake and ring when you walk." She shook them a little and all three of them could hear the little clappers inside ringing. "It's pure torture for a girl." She turned to Angie. "But you've been bad. I think you deserve a spanking." Angie opened her mouth to protest but Kat shook her head. "A severe spanking."

Kat pushed her forward until her thighs hit the counter that held the warming plate. She turned to Jason. "You can help." Jason's eyes popped open even wider.

"Angie, give your hands to Jason. Jason, you grab her wrists and pull. Don't let go." Kat ordered.

Angie nodded and reached both hands forward over the hot plate, feeling the heat bathe her arms. Jason gulped and took hold of her wrists pulling her slightly forward. Angie breasts dangled and her cheeks felt the wash of heat.

"No no Jason. Pull her forward." Kathy said, pushing Angie forward and down.

Angie squirmed as her chest moved out over the hotplate and Kathy pushed down hard upon her back. Suddenly Angie gasped as her nipples made contact with the warm metal. She tried to jerk back up but Kathy was holding her down.

"Now hold her tight Jason. I don't want her to be able to get off the plate, okay?" Kathy said to the boy.

Angie felt Jason's grip on her wrists tighten and she was acutely aware of the quick excited breaths the shift manager was making. Her breasts felt like they had been encased in a bra hot from the dryer, except instead of the pleasant and quickly suffusing heat she felt the still intense warmth of the hot plate.

Suddenly she felt a cold draft across her bottom and she realized that Kathy had flipped up her skirt, exposing her bare bottom. Thank God she had decided not to wear panties, just as Kat had ordered, or the punishment would be much worse. She shifted as Kat drew fingernails across the flesh and Angie shivered. Kat pushed against her leg.

"Spread them, Angie." Kat ordered. Angie spread her legs wide apart, hoping this would please Kat and get her to let her up from the hot plate. Angie looked up at Jason, who was watching intently, as Kat picked up the vibroballs, jiggling them lightly.

"Next time I tell you to wear these to pick me up, you better." Kat said.

Angie nodded. Suddenly she felt the round hardness of the ball against the wet petals of her sex. Kat twirled the ball around, coating it with a clear cream, and then pushed, letting it enter her with a pop. Angie gasped as it went in. The second ball was pulled hard against her sex and Kat repeated the process. As the third ball finally entered, Angie groaned loudly. Kat smacked her smartly on the ass.

"There you go sweetheart. All ready for your spanking?"

Tears poured down Angie's cheeks. "Yes, please." She said.

Kat pulled her hand back and brought it down hard against Angie's bottom.

"OWWwwwwww" Angie cried out, her whole body jerking forward, dragging her breasts along the hotplate. Jason gripped her wrists and pulled forward and down.

Kat swung again and this time all three of them heard the ringing sound of the vibroballs as Angie's hips recoiled from the slap. She cried out again, her voice a soft counterpoint to the ringing. Kat began spanking Angie in earnest, each blow sending her flesh rippling. Angie moaned as Kathy swung lower, sending fingers stinging along the lips of Angie's sex.

Then the moaning began. Angie's body rocked in time with the blows and Jason watched in amazement as the girl's short gasps gave way to little cries of pleasure. As Kat rained stinging spanks down up her bottom, Angie began to orgasm, giving way from a small wave of pleasure that continued to build until it was a great roaring tsunami that rushed upward from her reddened ass up to the heated curves of her breasts.

Kat began to softly rub Angie's bottom and signaled Jason to release her wrists. Slowly, Angie lifted herself up from the hot plate and both of her tormentors gazed in awe at the flushed pink skin of her breasts and stomach. Kat reached out and cupped one breast, feeling a wave of heat. She looked at Jason quizzically.

Jason looked sheepish. "Sorry. I must have accidentally turned it back on." He said softly. He pushed a small brightly lit switch on the side of the plate, turning it off.

Kathy waved her hand. "It's okay. I think it helped."

Angie stood, weaving as she recovered from the intense orgasm that had just washed through her.

Kathy laughed and shook her hand. "Well, we still have a few more things to do, Angie."

Angie looked at her and nodded. "Okay. I'm okay. I mean…its okay."

Kathy smiled and kissed Angie on the lips. "It's okay sweetheart. You handled your punishment well." She put her hands on Angie's hips and moved them back and forth, ringing the vibroballs.

Angie gasped and clutched Kat's shoulders.

"A little sensitive, Angie?" Asked Kat.

Angie mewled in pleasure.

Kat turned toward Jason. "Angie here has volunteered to help us. She's going to mop the dining area."

Angie's eyes widened and she pulled backward. "Oh no, Kat. Please. You can't make me do that after what you just did to me." Angie begged.

Kathy laughed. "Sure I can. And if you disobey we can always sit you down on the hot plate and I can whip those perky little tits of yours. Anyway, it shouldn't take long to mop the dining area. Just take off your shirt and get started."

Angie's mouth flapped. "M-my shirt?" Her eyes darted to the windows, seeing the bright streaks of headlights flashing past.

Kat's eyes narrowed. "Yes your shirt. Your tits are already exposed, so just take it off and get started. Or do you want to do it totally naked?"

"No Kat. I'll do it." Angie replied demurely, her eyes on the floor.

Kat smiled. "Good. Get to it."

Angie pulled the bunched up halter top from around her neck and dropped it onto the counter. Her breasts were only slowly loosing their redness and she took hold of the mop handle and began to swipe the ceramic tiles. Jason watched in rapture as the slight tinkling of the vibroballs filled the room and Angie kept herself turned toward him so that her bare breasts wouldn't be seen by those driving by.

Kat had finished putting away a few last items and tapped Jason on the shoulder.

"We're going over to my house for dessert and games. Want to come?" Kathy asked.

Jason was a little taken aback but recovered almost instantly. "Absolutely" he said excitedly.

Kat laughed at his enthusiasm but then she looked mischievous. "Do you like banana splits?" She asked suddenly.

Jason looked at her quizzically. "Um, yeah. Why?"

Kat grinned. "Cause Angie and I just love them." Her eyes turned toward the half naked girl who was busily mopping the dining area.

"Angie loves them a lot."

The outside lights of the house burned brightly as the three of them walked around and opened the fence gate. Kat and Jason chatted and joked, laughing every so often at some story or comment. Angie however concentrated on walking. It was getting harder too put one foot in front of the other. Mopping the dining area had resulted in fresh surges of desire from between her legs and the vibroballs were driving her mad. She had contemplated throwing herself upon Jason, but she suspected that Kathy would be angry.

"Here we are" announced Kat as she unlocked the back door that led to the kitchen.

Jason looked around as the lights were flipped on. "Nice place."

Kat frowned. "I try. Mom's not much of a housekeeper."

A flash of worry crossed Jason's face. "Is your mom home?" He asked.

"No. She's rarely home at night. Bar hopping, man chasing, getting screwed, whatever you want to call it." Kat said disgustedly.

Jason looked ashamed. "Sorry."

Kat waved her hand. "Don't be. I'm used to it." She suddenly smiled again. "Want a beer?"

Jason brightened. "Sure."

"Angie, can you get Jason a beer, please?" Kat asked sweetly.

Angie nodded. "Sure. In a glass or the bottle, Jason?"

"Um…just the bottle I guess."

They watched as Angie shuffled around the counter and opened the fridge. They could still hear the light ringing of the balls as she bent over.

"Come on, Jason" Kat said, grabbing his elbow. "Let's go into the family room. You can pick out a movie."

Angie stood up with the beer bottle and watched Kat escort Jason out of the kitchen. She took a few more steps and then stopped as another extreme wave of need rushed through her. Her fingers lifted the hem of the skirt and she pushed the unopened top of the beer bottle against her clit. She clenched her teeth as the searing cold hit her but it was enough, pushing her body over the edge into orgasm. She rocked back and forth on her feet for a second, letting the pleasure wash over her, her breaths coming in short gasps. Then it was over and she pulled the bottle away from her sex.

She quickly moved into the family room, her body once more under her control. She knew that the vibroballs could easily bring her back to feeling that excruciating need, but it would take awhile. She stepped over to Jason, who was sitting on the couch next to Kathy, and gave him the bottle.

"Thanks Angie." Said Jason.

Kat got up. "Be right back." She announced. Angie and Jason watched as she left the room.

There was a palpable silence. Angie sat down in an easy chair that stood off to the left and fidgeted a little.

"So…um…you do this kind of thing a lot with Kathy?" asked Jason.

Angie nodded. "Mostly."

He leaned forward, the beer in his hands. "Do you two screw each other?"

Angie's eyes widened. "Well, kind of. I mean, yes. Well, we make each other come." She tried to explain.

"Do you ever fuck guys?" He asked her intently.

"When Kat makes me." Angie said softly.

"Do you like it?" He pushed, trying to get her to open up.

"I love it." Angie said, blushing. Her heart hammered and her mind kept bringing up thoughts of what Jason might be like as a lover.

"I'm back!" Kat's voice announced. She held a large black bag in one hand and had three video tapes in the other. "I'll let you select the video for tonight Jason, because you are our guest." She put all three videos down on the large wooden coffee table that stood in front of the couch.

Jason leaned forward to see the titles, and visibly started when he saw the pictures of naked tied up girls on the covers.

"Hmmm… such an interesting selection." He said, laughing it off.

Kat smiled. "Oh yes. All are pretty good. BDSM Vixens is fun. But I really like Tied Up and Tortured. Angie's favorite is this one. It's called Pussy Penetrations." Kat held up one box that had a blonde girl tied to a chair with her legs spread while another girl pushed a huge cucumber into her body.

Jason seemed to consider all of them and then tapped Angie's favorite. "It's tough to decide between the Tied Up one and Angie's favorite. But she's had a tough night already, so I think we should let her have her favorite."

Kat's mouth grinned sarcastically. "You're very generous." She turned to Angie. "Will you put the tape in and then put on your cuffs please?" She dropped the black bag on the table. Angie nodded.

Kat smiled again and walked through the doorway to the kitchen and Jason and Angie heard dishes clanking. Angie stood up and pulled the tape out of the box and began turning on the VCR.

"So is this really your favorite?" Jason asked.

Angie shrugged. "Kind of. It was the first tape that we acted out. These all belonged to Kat's dad. She stole a couple before he moved out."

"So what's on the tape?"

Angie chuckled softly. "What's in the picture on the box, Jason? Girls getting everything you can imagine being pushed into them."

He smiled. "Did you like it?"

Angie didn't nod but said. "I came a lot." She pressed the play button and moved away from the screen. Immediately pictures of naked beauties flashed across the television. Jason moved his hand down to his crotch and pressed down upon his hard shaft.

Angie stepped to the side of the table and opened up the black bag. Jason's attention was drawn to her, but he couldn't see into the bag. Angie pulled out two pairs of black leather cuffs with heavy steel rings attached. She began to encase the leather around her wrist and leaned over to Jason.

"Can you help me with these buckles? I never can get them tight enough on my own." She asked, her brown eyes softly gazing at him.

"Um…sure." Jason responded. The television was making soft gasping noises that seemed to float above a sound track of squishing sounds.

Jason pulled the straps tight and buckled each cuff on her wrist tightly. He noticed the insides of the cuffs were lined with some soft foamy material and the metal rings tinkled softly in a counterpoint to the vibroballs.

Angie suddenly put her leg up on the coffee table and handed him the ankle cuff. Her skirt rode high up her thigh all the way to her waist and Jason was able to see the bare petals of her sex. They glistened and a thin strand of twine stuck out from between her labia.

"You shave." He said as he tightened the first cuff on.

"Yeah. Kat likes me shaved." Angie said, putting her hands on his shoulders to help her balance.

"It's nice." Jason said. "There. This foot's done." He said.

Angie pulled her foot down and the placed the other one on the table. She smiled, a slight blush reddening her cheeks as he once again looked across the flesh of her thigh and into the tight smooth crevasse of her sex.

"Jason? Chocolate or vanilla?" A voice called from the kitchen.

"Uh…chocolate is great." He said, his fingers working on the last buckle.

"Okay." Kat's voice sang out.

Angie dropped her leg and stepped away from him. Jason stared at her and then back at the television where a blonde haired vixen was being impaled with the business end of a baseball bat. Angie laughed at Jason's divided attention and she took hold of her skirt and wiggled it down off of her hips, baring her loins and sex to his eyes. The skirt fell to the floor and she stepped clear of it, flinging it off her sandal with a twist of her ankle. Kat entered the room holding a serving tray. It was obvious she had changed clothes as well, opting for a sheer black slip that held her breasts back with the faintest touch of lace. Jason's eyes widened we he saw her.

"The top too, Angie." She ordered as she put the tray on a side table next to the couch. It held a small army of serving bowls and scoops and a can of whip cream towered in the center.

Angie pulled her halter top off baring breasts that had already been devoured by Jason's eyes before. They were no longer hot to the touch and only the lightest shade of pink still betrayed the slow cooking they had received earlier. Both nipples were hard and pointed and Angie dropped the halter on the easy chair.

Kat however was in the process of moving the coffee table around. It's rectangular shape had been arranged so that the narrow ends were pointed from the television to the couch, leaving little room for the three of them to place any ice cream. Jason looked on in interest.

Kat motioned to the table. "Straddle the coffee table, Angie. Facing us. You won't be seeing your favorite movie tonight. Sorry." She said.

Angie moved forward and spread her legs, stepping over the solid wood table. Her face was inscrutable, but her body betrayed its needs. Kat reached between her legs and grabbed hold of the vibroballs, yanking hard on the string.

Angie gasped and cried out as the string of bells popped out of her. Her own juices dripped from the toy dangling in Kathy's hand and small trickles began to stream down her thighs.

"Lay down on the table." Kathy ordered, dropping the vibroballs onto the floor next to the couch.

Angie sat down on the table, still facing Jason and Kat and she leaned backward, lying down. She could feel the cool hard strength of the oak table under her, her legs parted and still on the floor to either side. Kat had reached for the bag and extracted two lengths of black nylon rope and she and quickly tied one end to the metal ring embedded in Angie's left wrist cuff. She passed the rope under the table and through the legs and ran it through the other wrist cuff, pulling it tightly and securing Angie's wrists down by her hips.

Kathy took the other rope and tied it to the ankle cuff. She stood up and looked at Jason.

"Give me a hand, will you?" She asked. Jason stood up and looked at Kathy.

"Take her other ankle and pull her legs up so she's bent in half, like this." Kathy said, pulling Angie's leg up and bending it so that her foot came almost to her head. Angie groaned and Jason took hold of the other leg and pulled it up, bending Angie in half.

"Take both legs while I tie them up." Kat ordered. Jason followed, yielding to her domineering attitude. Kat ran the rope under the table again, this time looping the nylon around the legs and finished tying it off on the other leg. Then she backed off.

Angie moaned from the exposure and discomfort of the position. Her sandals dangled inches above her face and she could raise her head and see her exposed sex between her breasts. Her arms were stretched tightly downward and she could barely move. She dropped her head back down onto the table.

Kat removed the sandals from Angie's feet and lightly kissed her toes. Then Kathy looked at Jason.

"Ready for that banana split?" she asked.

Jason looked perplexed. The sight of Angie tied spread just a few inches from him along with the rhythmic grunts and squeals coming from the video had his nerves jangling with desire. He longed to take out his shaft and plunge it into the sopping flower before him. But Kathy was definitely in control and he nodded, swallowing in expectation.

Kat reached to the tray and grabbed hold of a huge banana, almost seven inches long.

"Does this look like a good banana to you?" She asked innocently.

"Yeah. It looks great."

"Great. Well, got to put it in the bowl then." Kat said. She leaned forward and with a quick movement plunged the banana deep into Angie's body. Angie squealed and jerked as the fruit penetrated her deeply.

Jason's eyes popped open in surprise as Kat shoved the banana in. His hand pressed down hard upon his cock, as Kat pumped the banana hard against Angie's sex.

"Damn." Kat exclaimed. "I forgot. You don't eat the peel." She yanked the banana out of Angie, eliciting and agonizing groan from the bound girl.

Kat twisted the end of the banana, slick with Angie's juices. The peel broke away exposing the soft but ridged flesh underneath. Its pale length contrasted with the dusky skin of Angie's thighs. Kat removed the entire peel and dumped it next to the vibroballs. She put the banana to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it, sucking on the end. When she pulled it out Jason saw that it was still whole.

"I love bananas." Kathy declared. She placed the wet tip against Angie's dark opening and slowly pushed it in. Angie moaned a thin soft cry that spoke of discomfort and need. Kat pushed the banana in deeper and deeper until almost the entire fruit was embedded. Angie whimpered and Kat pulled a portion back out and began to pump, soft wet thrusts, into the pink folds of Angie's body.

Suddenly, Kat's wrist twisted, breaking off over half the banana inside Angie.

"Whoops." Kat said softly. She turned to Jason. "Well what comes next in a banana split?"

His eyes widened. "Um…the ice cream?" He answered, unsure of himself and the two girls.

Kat smiled. "You said chocolate so here we go." She reached over to the tray and picked up a small bowl of chocolate ice cream. It was slightly melted, but its thick cream still lay coolly in the shallow cup. Kat had stuck a large serving spoon into it. Now she picked it up, loading a scoop of the ice cream onto the metal utensil.

She leaned over between Angie's outstretched legs and used her left hand to split the lips of the tied girl's slit. As soon as the spoon touched the clit, Angie jerked, crying out. Kat ignored her and pushed the spoon into the crying girl, digging it deep and letting the metal edge slice the banana that was still buried inside her.

"Ohhh it's too c-c-cold!" Angie cried out, her arms and legs straining against their bonds. "P-p-please no more!" Kat only laughed and moved the spoon around inside Angie, stirring the ice cream and banana together.

"Now what?" asked Kat, looking at the awestruck boy.

"The hot fudge" said Jason, this time with more conviction. Kat giggled.

"I like the way you think." She reached over to the tray and took a small clay pitcher in her hand. A waft of thick fudge aroma steamed from it and Jason looked at it and saw the hot fudge, still warm and syrupy. "You pour it over the top of the banana split right?" Asked Kat, an evil smile spread across her face.

Jason grinned. "Absolutely."

Kat held the pitcher directly over Angie's clit, near the top of her sex, and began to tilt her hand. A thick dollop of fudge bubbled at the tip, and then poured down, landing with a thick shock right on Angie's clit.

"OOWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed Angie, bucking wildly as the hot fudge began to seep downward through the petals of her sex. Kat poured again, letting a thick stream of fudge coat the swollen edges of Angie's flower. Kat moved the pitcher downward and positioned it directly above the gaping hole that held the banana and melting remnants of the chocolate ice cream. She let the fudge pour directly into Angie and they watched as Angie bucked and cried, screaming in pleasure and agony, as the hot chocolate heat filled her sex.

"Can I see that?" asked Jason. Kat eyes widened but she handed the pitcher to him. Jason stuck a single finger into the fudge and pulled it out, licking it. "It's not that hot." He said, questioning Kat.

"It's the ice cream. She was very cold already." Kat replied.

"Hmmm…" Jason murmured. He moved off the couch to Angie's side. He held the pitcher over Angie's right breast and looked at Kat.

"Go ahead!" Kat said, pleased that Jason was getting involved.

Jason poured the fudge, watching it fall and coat the erect nipple and swollen areolas. Angie's breathing came in hoarse gasps.

He sat back down, handing the fudge to Kat. She returned it to the tray and grabbed the whip cream can.

"Whip cream time, Angie!" Kat announced, shaking the can.

Angie looked through her breasts and legs at them and shook her head. "Oh p-please no. I can't take any more. It h-h-hurts. I need to come so b-b-bad. Pllease?"

Kat laughed and placed a finger on the can nozzle. She pushed her finger and the nozzle inside Angie and pushed against the nozzle. The sound of escaping gas didn't conceal the sudden squeal that erupted from Angie's mouth. Kat laughed as the whip cream filled the last of the empty space inside Angie's sex.

Whip cream erupted from around Kat's fingers and she pulled her hand and the can away, licking the white cream from her knuckles. As she sucked on one she looked at Jason who was trying, unobtrusively, to rub his cock through his pants.

"Here, let me." Kat said, putting down the can. She reached over and quickly unlatched his belt, popping the button in seconds. He had barely stood when she yanked both his boxers and pants downward, freeing the rock hard shaft from its cotton imprisonment. Kat quickly grabbed hold of it and kissed the tip, running her tongue around the head as Jason moaned loudly.

Kathy pushed him back down, keeping one hand firmly around his cock. "It's time to eat." She said. She pivoted on the couch, her left hand gently squeezing Jason rhythmically as she pulled two spoons from the tray. She dropped one in her lap and placed the other one at the sugar bottom of Angie's slit. She dragged the spoon upward, loading it with the excess chocolate and cream until the metal edge caught Angie's clit. Angie cried out, bucking as Kathy lifted the spoon to Jason's mouth.

Jason opened his mouth as Kathy pushed the spoon in and he tasted the sweet delights of sugar and cocoa, and something else as well, a salty taste, the taste of sweet juices. He swallowed hungrily as Kathy began stroking his shaft. She handed him the spoon and took the other one in her right hand. She once again delved into the succulent bowl before her, this time driving the spoon slightly in. Jason quivered as the hand grasping him pulsed and he watched in utter amazement as Kat tasted the spoonful of chocolate and banana and cream and Angie.

Jason leaned forward, trying for the moment to forget Kathy's hand and its playful stroking between his legs. He pushed his spoon forward and into Angie, deeply scooping out a sodden chocolaty banana from deep with in. He devoured it in seconds as Angie began to sob, quivering as their spoons intruded. His eyes darted to the television, watching as some poor girl cried out, her legs spread and tied apart as a bottle was pushed into her. He mimicked the process with the huge spoon upon the bound girl in front of him, tasting her body mixed with candy.

Kathy continued her caresses, all the while using the edge of her spoon to scrape, pull, and tug upon the swollen and frozen clit of her little slave girl. Angie continually moaned her bottom moving and swaying as the two diners delved into her depths for the treats. She felt them emptying her slowly, lifting the mashed banana and cream and chocolate from her like breaths of cool air on a hot summer night.

"Stand up." Kat said to Jason, pulling on his cock so that he quickly stood. She pulled him toward her so that he was fully centered above Angie tied and spread legs.

"Spread your legs, Jason." Kat ordered the obedient boy who immediately followed her orders, kicking off the boxers and widening his legs.

She pulled him forward then by his cock and pushing against his buttocks until the tip of his rod lay at the chocolate smeared opening of Angie's sex. With deliberate patience, she guided his thick shaft into Angie, who stiffened and cried out at the penetration. Lubricated with the melted remnants of syrup and cream, Jason began to pump himself into the gooey hole between Angie's legs. It was cold, but he was beyond caring.

Angie began to buck, trying to impale herself deeper on the thick cock spearing her, but only seconds inside her, Jason's strength collapsed and he paused, feeling the shudders and spasms that came with orgasm. Kat yanked him backward just as his cock began to spurt and Kathy bent forward, quickly surrounding his cream smeared and shooting cock with her mouth.

Jason gasped and the cried out as she sucked hard, pulling every last drop from his rod, and then he collapsed against the couch while Kathy knelt between his legs, her back to Angie, while she licked his rod clean of the chocolate and whip cream of Angie's crevasse.

As soon as his member was its usual beige, Kathy leaned back, licking her lips. Her eyes sparkled.

"Having fun?" She asked, her mouth parting in a huge smile.

Jason's eyes rolled over her and he smiled.

"Oh good. Let's see how quick you can get hard again." And she bent over with her face in his lap, her hair cascading in a blonde puddle around her.

Jason stared across the crying body of Angie, whose breasts, still coated with cream and chocolate, and shook with uncontrolled desire. The television girl was howling as a plastic cactus was being carefully inserted into her body, spine by spine, and Kathy's mouth tongued and sucked.

It was the beginning of a great night.

 Part Two

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