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The Spa

The Spa

Richard Nicholson squinted down at the small handwriting scribbled across the tiny paper in his hand. His eyes darted continuously between the rain lashed roadway and the directions, trying to maintain some semblance of safety as he twisted the leather bound wheel back and forth. He was certainly nervous, a ridged tenseness that echoed through him like a tightly strung harp.

His hair was thinning on top, but still a dark brown that had once been sandy blonde, and even longer before had been the stark white of childhood. He wore a thick mustache as well, trying to look wiser and more mature, a tactic that more often failed. He was of average height, and average weight, neither fat nor thin…the perfect non-descript man.

"There it is!" He muttered to himself, flipping on his turn signal and moving over, raising a wash of water that cascaded over the curb. He glanced at the bright lights ahead and slowed to turn into the small half hidden strip mall hanging beneath the massive concrete bridges where two interstate highways met.

Richard had heard of this place several weeks before while having lunch with several of his coworkers at the office. The idea of it intrigued him and despite the extreme cost, he began to think maybe the experience was worth the money. It had taken all his courage to finally make the decision, but once it was made Richard set out with determination.

He had always been timid around women, shy and uncommunicative. In a world where women expect to be pursued and turn down countless men, no female had ever noticed Richard hiding in the background. His own insecurities had always kept him from striking up conversations and except for one disastrous experience in eighth grade that still embarrassed him, his knowledge of female anatomy was gained primarily in front of his computer.

The front of his car tilted up as he entered the lot. A small Irish pub sat at one end of the strip mall, a forgotten shamrock tackily hung on the front door. Further down was a tobacco and pipe shop, no doubt languishing under the city's new public smoking ban. Then was the 24 Hour News and Video store…another triple X rated location taking advantage of a loop hole in the city ordnance by displaying a few moldering newspapers and pop culture magazines in a tiny book case at the front.

But that wasn't where Richard was going. It was the last storefront on the strip, the one with the darkened windows and the red neon light. Slowly he turned into a free parking space. His heart thudded as a roll of heavy thunder shook around him. The rain pounded onto his windshield and he almost put the car in reverse. He glanced at the clock…almost seven p.m….right on time.

He parked and turned off the engine, watching little wafts of steam rise from the hood. He put the keys in the pocket of his blazer and patted both pockets, making sure the heavy folds were right where they were supposed to be. He almost pulled them out and counted them, but he knew they were both the correct amounts.

Richard gritted his teeth and yanked the door handle open, darting quickly out into the pouring rain. He slammed the door shut as the cascading water soaked him to the skin. Three steps took him to the sidewalk and the covered auspice where he shook the excess water from his shoulders and hair, slicking it back.

Slowly he turned and looked at the door in front of him. With a trembling hand he opened it, ignoring the "24 Hours" sign to the left. He entered the store front, his body shaking and his heart beating. He swallowed and moved forward into the reception area.

The room was sparsely furnished. A fake looking plastic tree stood in one corner next to an old leather armchair. A small coffee table stood in the center of the room covered with magazines obviously purchased from next door, several years before if their thumbed look was any indication. A modern looking automatic teller machine stood opposite the service window which was covered with frosted glass. A large cheap plastic clock hung on the wall next to several official looking business documents mounted in a cheap plastic frame.

Richard approached the window and cleared his voice, raising his hand to rap on the glass. It slid back however, startling him. A small diminutive woman sat on the other side behind a counter. Her long straight black hair cascaded down her back and the angled arch of her eyebrows gave her oriental cast the same exotic cast all females of her race possessed.

Richard jumped as her jaw moved and a loud snap came from her chewing gum. She smiled at him as he stared apprehensively, and then blew a large bubble. It exploded and her red lips managed to retrieve the burst balloon and return it to her mouth in an oddly appealing way.

"Hi…are you Richard?" She asked, her voice a soft lilting soprano.

Richard swallowed hard and nodded. "Uh…yes ma'am."

She smiled again. "Payment is due before services." Her gum clacked again, an ignoble insistent irritant.

Richard nodded and dug his fingers into his pant's pocket, digging out a wad of twenties held together by a rubber band. He didn't bother to count it, merely handing over the entire sum. The girl behind the counter quickly removed the money from the window sill, the rubber band snapping like her gum as she ran through the bills, counting.

Finally she nodded and tucked the money under the counter, looking up at Richard. "Why don't you come on back and choose a girl, sir. We're a little overstaffed cause of the storm." There was an electronic buzz and Richard saw the inner office door pop open. With a few tentative steps he broached the inner threshold.

He found himself in a dimly lit hallway and the office girl suddenly appeared, motioning him to a small room immediately to his left. He entered it, his heart hammering, expecting…something. But he found a large easy chair and a few lamps.

"Please wait here. The girls will be with you in a moment." The receptionist smiled and exited, closing the door behind her.

Richard gripped the arms of the easy chair tightly, his throat tight. He looked around the room, noting the Oriental art and prints hanging from the walls, the tiny pot of bamboo, and the cork silhouette in a black frame. There was a pleasant scent in the room, of incense and musk, and Richard found himself breathing deeply. It seemed to alleviate some of his fears and he found himself starting to relax.

A moment later the door opened and he stiffened again as four young girls entered the room. Each had the same glorious oriental cast the receptionist possessed, as well as the diminutive size and shape that so many found desirable in oriental women. Richard's heart skipped a beat as he stared at each of the girls.

The first was the tallest, her thick black hair almost touching her shoulders. Her lithe body was covered in the thinnest of silk chemises, and oddly European contrast to offset her Asian heritage. His eyes drank in the sight of her, smiling, seeming to pose for him.

The second girl was a bit older than the others, easily into her early twenties and Richard supposed she was probably much older than that. Almost all oriental women looked younger than they were, and these four girls were no exception. Her silk robe was parted down the front, showing a flash of white cream colored flesh that rose too two blue silk covered bumps. It was short, showing of a pair of long ivory legs that ended in a pair of high heels. Richard swallowed again, but this time from desire, rather than nervousness.

The third woman was the smallest, but her face seemed cruel to him. Like the first, she wore a chemise the color of lime green and Richard was able to move his eyes away from her quickly, despite the shapeliness of her body. The final girl stood demurely, her eyes downcast. She was dressed in the traditional silk kimono of her homeland, a white background with red flowers imprinted on it. The bottom of the kimono hung at her ankles, baring the tiniest feet Richard had seen on a grown woman.

But it was her face and hands that caused his heart to thump and his loins to quicken. Her fingers were long and delicate, each painted with the lightest shade of red on the nails. Her face was that of a teenage girl, though her body held the full curves of a grown woman. He dipped his head trying to look into her eyes and he saw into the dark liquid russet eyes, despite her attempt to turn away.

The receptionist had watched the entire process from the doorway and she stepped forward after a minute. She looked expectantly at Richard, who finally nodded.

"Uh…um…I like her." He pointed toward the final girl, the one dressed in the kimono.

The receptionist nodded. "I'm sure Anh will be perfect for you sir." The other three girls gave slightly chagrined looks and left the room, talking to one another in the odd angular language of their homeland. The girl in the kimono stayed still and silent until the others had left.

Richard waited. Finally she lifted her head and flashed a gorgeous smile at him, soft and exotic. She took a step forward. Her tongue ran across her lips as she wetted them and then knelt down before Richard. Her face turned up to his as she began to remove his shoes.

"What are you seeking tonight, sir?" She asked, her voice a series of soft musical notes.

Richard's eyes flew open. "Well I…uh…I…I made arrangements."

Anh laughed softly. "Oh yes, your massage will be totally within those arrangements, sir. I know about that."

Understanding dawned on Richard. "Oh! I'm sorry. I'm kind of new at this." He leaned in the chair and dug into his right pocket. Another wad of cash, much smaller and without the rubber band came out. This one was made of fifties. He held it out to the young woman. "I'd like everything, please."

Ahn smiled, looking pleased as she accepted the money. Her thumb dug through the cash and then she slipped the entire bundle into a pocket sewn onto the inside of the kimono. Richard watched as a sliver of creamy flesh was bared.

"I will be happy to serve you." She rose and moved his shoes to a small table to the side of the room behind the chair. "Come, sir." She held out her hand. Richard stood and grasped it as she pulled him through the doorway.

Together they walked down the hallway, Richard feeling a little stunned and a trifle embarrassed at his wet clothes and bedraggled appearance. Anh's body seemed to move like a sirens under the kimono and she led him past several closed doors. Finally Richard seemed to smell incense and soap and the scent of heated water. Anh turned a corner and Richard saw a tub half sunken in the floor. Anh pulled him up several steps and he felt the heavy bamboo flooring under his feet. The water in the tub was bubbling and steaming and a heavy ceramic tray carrying several terra cotta pots stood next to the edge of spa.

Anh turned to Richard and helped him remove his coat. The idea of the warm spa relaxed him, and he felt less threatened. Anh took his blazer and hung it on a small clothes rack at the side of the room. She returned quickly, her small feet padding on the rush padding and her fingers began unbuttoning the small white buttons of his shirt.

Richard sucked in his gut, despite the lack of the usual middle age beer belly. For some reason, he felt he needed to look his best for this petite girl. Her fingers trailed down his chest, feeling the black curls before she pulled his shirt tails from his pants. Her arms rose and she pushed the shirt off his shoulders, her fingertips trailing down his arms. Richard shivered as goose bumps rose and he felt a delicious tingle.

Once more Anh moved to the clothes rack and hung his shirt. Richard watched as she moved back and forth, her body swaying enticingly under her kimono. Finally her fingers found the silver buckle of his belt and he let her pull it from his pants and drape it over her shoulder. The sound of his zipper sliding caused another twinge of anxiety, but the totally trusting look in her eyes quelled the feeling. He felt her fingers slide along his shaft, still covered by a set of boxers he had purchased just for this trip. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of the soft cotton boxers and she sank before him, pulling his trousers and boxers downward, baring his loins.

Richard felt awkward stepping out of his clothes, standing there only in his socks. Anh took his pants and boxers and placed them with the rest of his things and turned to find Richard's cock standing straight out. Richard looked embarrassed and moved his hands over his ridged member.

Ahn came forward again and took his hands, moving them to the side. Gently, she cupped her fingers around the soft skin of his hardened rod and slid them up and down, lightly stroking the skin. Richard let out a groan as he felt his cock tremble. He bit his lip and desperately tried to keep from exploding in a white cream.

Ahn laughed a tiny giggle of mischief and she sank to her knees before him. Her fingers trailed down his legs to his feet and she removed his socks as he lifted each foot for her. As the second sock was pulled off, she leaned forward and placed her mouth over the tip of Richard's shaft, sucking the tip into her tiny rosebud mouth. Richard moaned, clenching his fists as he felt her tongue sliding round the edge of his shaft.

There was a spasm and then Richard felt his control falter and there was a tiny burst. Ahn seemed to sense it coming and one hand enclosed the base of his cock, her mouth taking him in deeply. Her other hand came up and slowly made a single caress of his sack and he emptied himself into her mouth.

It was a shuddering orgasm and Richard felt the tremors all the way up to his heart. He stared down at the petite girl whose mouth formed a perfect circle around his shaft. Her eyes were bright as she sucked down the entire contents, stroking those sensitive tissues that pleasured him immensely. The wave ebbed and then ceased and Richards cock slowly softened, still locked in Ahn's soft mouth.

Finally she released him, smiling and she stood up with not a drop upon her ruby lips. "Do not worry, sir. This will make it easier for the rest of your stay." Richard nodded.

Anh took his socks over to the clothes rack and then returned. Holding out her dainty hand, she led him to the sunken tub and helped him step into the bubbling water. It was very warm and Richard felt his body adjust to the temperature as he sank to his waist. He felt an odd pedestal in the center of the tub, rising to just a few inches below the surface of the water. A bench surrounded the edge of the tub, deep under the water and he sank until the water lapped at his chin.

Anh stood at the steps leading into the tub and she smiled at him. Slowly she untied the sash of her kimono, opening it until the flash of white at her neck became a long strip between her breasts. She pulled at the silk and Richard saw her entire body for the first time. Her breasts, two perfectly formed mounds of cream stood upright, tight and tipped with the smallest pink buds. Her stomach was flat, with barely a ripple of baby fat. Her skin seemed perfect, almost air brushed perfect, and Richard felt a new stir of life from his loins.

Her sex was shaven, a bare slit without even a small sliver to guide the way. She wore no piercings except for the two tiny diamond studs in her ears. For some reason, this seemed more elegant, more fashionable to Richard, who was certainly used to seeing pictures of girls with navel, clit, and nipple piercings.

The kimono fell to the floor at the edge of the tub and she entered the spa. For a second, Richard marveled at her feet, so tiny, as they entered the water. She slid into the water like a sylph, sinking to her shoulders, not even wetting her short straight schoolgirl hair.

He wasn't sure what to expect as she came into the water, but she moved directly too him. He felt her legs against his and suddenly she was straddling his lap, kneeling on the bench to either side of his body. Her breasts rose from the water, inches from his face. His cock once more hardened, despite the heat of the water, and he felt it press up against her flesh.

Ahn smiled. "You like me much." She laughed once more and then leaned into him, her arms reaching behind his head. He let out a pleasurable gasp as his face was encased in the soft pressure of her full breasts. The scent of her was intoxicating, a soft aroma of flowers and fruit intermingled. Her skin was like ivory, a delightfully supple experience that he merely wanted to continue, on and on.

She pulled back and Richard saw that she was holding one of the terra cotta pots in her hand. He turned his head and saw the ceramic tray directly behind him, still holding a collection of unguents and soaps. She unstoppered the jar and dipped in, removing a thick white glob of the contents.

"You sit in center please." Anh said, moving off his lap and motioning to the center pedestal.

Richard rose and stood, feeling the pedestal. It was easily wide enough to sit on, so he lifted himself up, feeling the heat of the steam replace the warmth of the water. His back, arms, and chest were completely exposed, as was the tip of his now hard cock. Ahn moved behind him and he felt her hands begin to move against his back. They seemed to glide and he felt the soft spread of the soap.

Her hands made circular motions, long wheels of caresses that seemed to tingle. Her knowing fingers slid from his neck to the base of his spine and he felt himself relaxing, softening under her motions. He looked down and saw that the heat had caused his hardness to melt, once more making him impotent.

She slid her arms around him and he felt the press of her breasts on his back. Her fingers slid from his shoulders down to his fingers and she swayed behind him, using her breasts to rub him, sliding around in circles. Her hands found their way to his chest and he felt her fingertips encircle his nipples, tantalizing them as they rubbed the soap over and around his abdomen.

A long loud sigh of pleasure came from his mouth as she moved around to his front. Once more he enjoyed the sight of her breasts, this time covered in the soft suds of soap. She pushed his legs apart and moved between them, standing with her belly pressed against his cock. She leaned inward and began twisting her body against his, rubbing his chest with her breasts.

Richard wrapped his arms around her, feeling her body writhe inside his embrace. It was like nothing he had ever felt before and her tiny form seemed to know exactly what to do to cause pleasure. He even began to feel himself harden again.

Ahn seemed to notice too and she disentangled herself and wet to the ceramic tray. "You sit on edge?" she asked him, pointing to the edge of the tub and Richard obediently moved, lifting himself up and sitting with his calves still in the water. It was a different bottle she carried this time as she moved between his legs, spreading them. She knelt on the bench and slowly poured a generous amount of the liquid into her palm. Carefully she reached up and grasped his shaft, sliding her palm up and down against it.

Richard groaned and immediately his rod sprang to life, hardening as she touched him. There was a spicy scent that mixed immediately with the soap and Richard inhaled deeply. Anh seemed to concentrate, making sure that every fold of skin was coated and that his entire cock was oiled. Her fingers then found their way to his scrotum and gently caressed him there as well. Richard closed his eyes as her hands massaged him, kneading and stroking him until he felt his cock swell once more.

"You lean back please?" Ahn asked, her hands sinking beneath the water and grasping the soles of his feet.

Richard complied, placing his hands behind him and leaning back. Ahn lifted his legs and spread them, one leg going to the side of the spa, the other she placed upon her shoulder. Richard, totally aware, tried to keep as much of the weight off her as possible.

"No no!" Ahn said. "Relax leg. I hold up."

Richard nodded and let the tension slide from his muscles. Ahn seemed much stronger than her diminutive form looked and her hands once more filled with oil. He felt her fingers move up his thighs and then back to his balls. His body clenched however, when one delicate finger moved downward to his bottom. Slowly, she massaged his prostate, working the oil around in even slightly into his sphincter. Richard groaned, never have experienced something so intense. Her other hand suddenly wrapped around his cock, squeezing it and stroking it quickly as she pressed her finger inside him.

Richard tensed as he felt himself rising once more, a primal throb that threatened to break loose. He groaned and tensed when Anh let go, moving away and out into the water, taking hold of his foot. Richard looked up and felt her grasp his ankle. He felt the shudder go through his loins as his rod stepped back from the precipice of orgasm. Anh lowered his soap covered foot until the sole was pressed against her breast. He felt a slight tingle from the bottom of his foot as she began to rub the arch of his foot against the tight button of her nipple. He felt the hard bump and it tickled and tantalized him, but in ways he had never dreamed of.

She used the soft curves of her flesh to massage the bottoms of both is feet, then pulled him back into the warm and comforting embrace of the water. As he settled once more onto the bench, Anh slipped into his lap, taking his hands and placing them on her breasts.

"You like?" she asked him as he held her, his thumbs almost involuntarily stroking the tiny nipples.

Richard nodded, his face filled with the scent of her hair. "Oh yes. You are totally incredible." Ahn seemed to wriggle for a moment and then she turned and smiled at him. "You soft again."

"It's the heat in the water, I think. I know that I get hard when you touch me."

Ahn nodded as if contemplating Richard's explanation. She slipped off his lap and pulled him forward until his arms rested on the pedestal. Richard relaxed as she took a small pitcher from the ceramic tray and dipped it under the water. Slowly, she poured the contents over Richard's head, wetting his hair. Another jar yielded shampoo and Richard sighed as Anh leaned her body against his back, running her fingers through his hair as she washed him. Once more she rinsed him, letting the suds seep from his hair into the water. Her fingers rubbed his temples, his neck, and then his shoulders.

Richard sighed happily. When he had heard about this place he had wondered how such wonderful things could happen to a man. The little naïf who stroked his body, stimulated him in such erotic and exotic ways was more than he could have dreamed possible. He shook his head, wondering how he could have missed this.

Anh seemed to take a moment to pause, resting herself across his back and shoulders. He could feel her heartbeat, the softness of her breasts, and even the pressure of her loins pressed into his buttocks. Her cheek lay softly against his neck and for a moment, they merely enjoyed each other.

"Come." Ahn said, rising and moving toward the steps. Richard rose from the pedestal and stood, stepping toward the stair and taking the glistening dripping girl's hand. Together they stepped from the spa and Ahn took a large cotton towel from a pile and began drying him. His body felt relaxed, totally clean, and he watched as the little oriental girl toweled him dry.

When she was finished, she handed him a terry cloth robe, holding it open so that he could slip his arms into the garment. Quickly, she dried herself, dumping the used towel in a basket near the door. She took his hand, still totally naked, and led him toward the door.

Anh padded out into the hall, her hand holding her charge as she led him to a new room. This one had a door and she opened it, letting his eyes adjust to the soft lights and candles. The room was full of scents, complimentary and very exotic. In one corner of the room a mattress laid upon the floor, covered in soft sheets, pillows, and an oriental spread. More art like what he had seen in the reception area stood on small corner tables, except for the table by the bed, which was littered with a collection of vials and bottles so much like the ceramic tray in the bathing room.

A large silver mirror embedded in the wall was at one side of the room, and Richard paused momentarily to wonder if it was two way. His mind churned as he realized it had to be…so that someone could check on the safety of the petite girl with him. He shoved the sudden thoughts of a video camera out of his mind, as the lighting in the room would create such a poor image that the film would be useless except as a voyeur tape.

"Please? I take robe? You lay down." Ahn said, her English still broken and sparse.

Richard smiled and raised his arms as Ahn tugged the terry cloth robe off his body. She hung it on a hook screwed to the back of the door and she turned and led him to the mattress. She pushed him down, rolling him over onto his stomach.

"You relax. Me work." She said to him, the clinking sound of a bottle coming to his ears.

Richard pillowed his face with his arms as he felt the mattress shift. A heavy warmth straddled him across his bottom and he turned enough to see Anh sitting, her knees to either side of his hips. The pink slit of her sex was spread across his rear. She lifted the bottle and poured a liberal amount of oil into one hand. Richard expected her to begin massaging him, but instead she brought her oiled fingers to her own breasts, rubbing the thick scented oil across her bosom. Richard shifted as he felt the now familiar stirrings in his shaft and she smiled at him.

Her hands trailed down to her slit and Richard couldn't see what she was doing to herself, only feeling the slight movements of her fingers above his rear. Suddenly her hands were on his shoulders and he felt her drop, lowering herself down upon his body. Her weight was negligible, a few pounds of pressure that Richard accepted easily.

She began to move, sliding up and down across his back. Richard sighed as he felt her limbs and breasts caress him, gliding over his spine in soft spirals. She moved like smoke, like a wraith, like a spill of oil across water. Tingling feelings arose through his entire body as she stroked him, massaging away every last tension, every last fear and concern from his mind.

He felt her legs part and the soft wetness of her slit slide down his leg. All the way down to the heel of his foot her body went, leaving a trail of moisture. The spicy scent of the oil mixed with Anh's own lubricants hung in the air, a heady aroma, enthralling.

Back and forth she moved until every inch of his body had felt either her breasts or her sex. She lay back down upon him once more, pressing her breasts into the space beneath his shoulder blades. Her soft breaths were like a soothing balm and a feeling of peace and docile pleasure descended.

"Turn upside down please." Anh said, her voice a huskier whispering beast. Her eyes danced as he turned over, his ridged cock springing upward quickly. Once more Anh straddled him, but this time over his chest, the wet and splayed petals of her sex glistening inches from his face. He watched as she poured another handful of oil into her hands and then let the oil dribble downward, over her breasts and belly, to pool on Richard's chest.

Slowly she leaned down, letting her ample bosom touch his collar bone. Slowly she slid downward, dragging both of her breasts down across his chest. He moaned as he felt the soft globes against him and he clenched his fists, resisting the impulse to reach out and grasp the young girl, pulling her too him.

His shaft pulsed once as something struck the tip and he gasped as he felt the soft flesh of her sex seem to part and spread around the tip of his cock. He looked downward and saw her face. With deep concentration she moved, letting only the first inch of Richard's cock enter her pliable well.

Richard couldn't take it and pushed upward, trying to drive himself into the tiny girl who sat astride him. His hips lifted and he felt his cock move deeper, pushing aside the soft wet folds of her sex. But Ahn lifted herself as well, pulling herself off the rising shaft and avoiding the impending penetration.

She gave him a knowing smile and slid downward toward Richard's knees, once more pressing her sex against his leg. Richard sighed in disappointment, but relaxed once more as her breasts came in contact with his abdomen, moving in swirling circles. His shaft throbbed as finally the soft globes of her bosom moved to surround him, encasing him in billowy softness.

Ahn propped herself up on her elbows, her delicate hands pushing the sides of her breasts, squeezing Richard's cock between them. Back and forth she moved, letting her creamy mounds massage the entire length of Richard's manhood. He moaned, arching his back as he experienced the oily softness of Anh's chest. Back and forth she rubbed him until he felt as if he was only moments away from exploding.

Once more she lifted her body, allowing his cock to fall away, glistening with oil, ridged with desire, and in total desperation as her willowy touch stopped the intense stimulation. She slid downward and Richard wondered if she would take him into her mouth. Instead she began massaging his legs, her own thighs, breasts, and belly sliding along his muscles.

Richard tried relaxing, but the throbbing in his cock kept him completely focused upon her body. He felt her wetness trail down his leg until his left foot was locked between her legs. He watched with desire as she swayed, then lifted up and lowered her moist sex directly onto his outstretched toes.

Richard felt her warm folds surround his large toe and for a moment marveled at the sensation. Anh began bouncing slightly, slipping him inside deeply. Her face became inscrutable, taut and tense and then she let out a tiny sigh. Richard watched as a miniscule tremor shot down her body from her breasts to her slit, still penetrated.

Ahn rose, and moved back upward to the top of Richard's other leg. Slowly she repeated her descent, rubbing her now sopping sex down his leg. Once more Richard found her breasts encasing his shaft and he moaned as the intensity brought him right back to his previous plateau of pleasure, a pulsing urge that made it difficult to maintain control. He knew that if Ahn took him in her mouth, or even stroked him, his fragile power over his sexual functions would be stripped from him.

Ahn's sex dipped again and Richard sighed as his other foot received the same slow caress. Feeling playful, Richard wiggled his toe, causing Ahn to gasp and dip down deeply. The throes of lust had ebbed slightly from his cock and he felt himself relaxing.

Ahn moved off his body and knelt beside him, right at his hip and her oiled hands once more took hold of his shaft. With long delicate strokes she rubbed him, paying special attention to the base of his shaft, dragging her long fingers upward toward the tip. She never grasped his cock like a hammer, instead always creating a hand hold that made her palm rub the tip of his shaft and the long fingers stroke the sides.

Richard felt himself swell again. His body cried out for release. He wasn't sure, but he knew that she had brought him close to another orgasm at least another three times. Her hands played with him, creating waves of intensely strong pleasure. His shaft beat in time with his heart. Her thumb began sliding around the edge of his shaft and he felt himself rise.

Ahn pulled her hand away and began rubbing his chest. Richard groaned, only barely stopping his own hand from finishing the job. Ahn seemed to sense his desire and took his hand in hers, pulling it to her breast. For a few moments, Richard concentrated on the soft fullness of her breast, its tiny nub a delicate button to push and press.

The sensation of tightness in his balls and the familiar ache of need waned, receding like the tide. The two full moons of Ahn's breasts loomed over him once more and she slid her hands down his body, finding his still hard shaft. Once more she began stroking him, the soft flesh of her palm caressing the tip of his rod, her fingers swirling around the entire length.

Richard groaned. It was too much. The driving need she pulled forth from his cock was like a building tsunami. Her fingers danced, sensing his need and Richard's hands tightened in to locked fists as he struggled with the fire in his loins. Ahn quickly stopped, pulling her hand away from his cock. She moved rapidly, straddling him at his chest, her hands grabbing for his arms as he moved.

Richard felt his cock close to bursting but the weight and movement of Ahn stopped him. Her eyes spoke of vast knowledge, as if she knew exactly what sensations cascaded through his body. Her face spoke of wisdom and age, if only for a moment, casting a pale illusion of triumph and possession over her childlike face.

Once more the wave retreated. His body began to ache from the tensions and stresses of the repeated waves of pleasure. His breathing came fast and hard, his muscles tense in ways he had never experienced. Ahn cupped his face, running her fingers down his chin and neck, soothing him. She rubbed his shoulders, stroking his skin as if she were stroking his cock.

He was still hard. He knew that. Nothing would change the ridged pole that stood upright like the mast of a ship. Ahn dipped her breasts down once more to his face and began to slide downward. Richard felt the tip of his rod once more touch the soft wet opening of her body.

Ahn smiled and nodded, pushing, until finally Richard gasped. His manhood slid deep into her sex, encased in the warm wetness that had enticed him from the beginning. Ahn leaned back, changing the angle of his penetration. With gentle rocking, she began to massage that part of him deep inside her. She rose and dipped, allowing her sex to complete the process that had begun in the spa.

Richard felt the tsunami return and like that great wave which began hidden and silent so far beneath the depths of the ocean, his began, hidden from even himself. He felt his heart begin to race as energy poured into his loins. His cock, still teased and pleasured in the sucking embrace of Ahn's body, seemed to shudder and tremble like a caged beast.

Ahn's face had changed. Still cognizant of Richard's needs, her own body had begun responding, sending waves of pleasure through her. Richard's face tightened as the impending explosion rose to the surface, overwhelming him. He cried out, reaching for the beautiful girl astride him, pulling her down to him, clutching her in a strong embrace.

Ahn melted against him, letting him suck her down as his shaft erupted with jackhammer force. She rose slightly has his hips slammed upward. She splayed her legs, swinging them back over his, letting her body rest upon him as he released. The pent up energies of her teasing cascaded into her through their connection, an immense ejaculation that conveyed excitement, pleasure, and the total abandonment of restraint. Ahn let out a small squeal and shuddered.

Richard's cock trembled inside her. For that one long moment it became a concrete like pillar, hard as granite. Ahn groaned, gyrating her hips as she felt the onslaught. It washed over her like a wave of heat and she gave the tiny gasp of relief as her own body answered with an orgasm of her own.

Together they collapsed in an oily heap, her head against his shoulder. Together their heart beats slowed as their bodies began to soften. Richard felt normalcy returning slowly, and he wrapped his arms around the tender nymph above him. He felt his body receding from her depths, slowly shrinking away from her and he held her tightly.

After a few moments Ahn looked up at him, a caring smile on her face. She rolled off him, still moving slowly, and knelt beside him. Once more her hands touched him and he found himself nodding sleepily as her fingers massaged his chest and arms. She pushed at him to roll over and he found himself obeying. Her hands rubbed his back up and down to his buttocks until his entire body felt loose. Finally she laid beside him, running her fingers down his back while Richard sighed in happy fatigue.

It was many minutes before she stopped and even more before she rose. Richard watched as she padded to the door, taking his robe down from the hook. She turned, holding it out to him.

"Come. You wash." She said softly, a smile in her voice.

Richard rolled off the mattress, feeling as if he were made of gelatin. Gradually he got to his feet, allowing Ahn to help him into the robe. For a moment he admired her physique. Her creamy alabaster skin was luminescent with oil, reflecting the soft lights of the room. Her brown eyes and slanted expression were exotic, and Richard realized that her physical beauty was something he never expected.

"Come. We go to spa." She said, her broken English as attractive as her body.

Richard followed her from the room, back down the hallway. Once more he entered the steaming room. His clothing was gone from the side but Richard paid it no mind. Anh led him to another one of the large tubs, taking his robe and discarding it as she led him into the steaming water.

Ahn became very business like, lifting his arms and taking a pumice flecked soap and lathering him. Richard leaned back and let the girl strip the oil from his limbs. Every once in a while he snuck a delicate hand over her rounded limbs, earning him a little frown and a sparkle in her eye.

The combination of the water and soap cleaned him completely. Finally Ahn stood, taking his hand and pulling him from the bubbling water. Once more she toweled him off, drying his skin with gentle pats. Lastly she fell to her knees before him, taking his soft manhood and kissing it gently once, a final parting.

Richard smiled down at this waif of a girl. Her breathtaking beauty, her incredible skill at playing him like a virtuoso his instrument, her undeniable energy, all created a desire in Richard. It was more than just sexual. It was deep. He caressed her cheek as she once more rose.

Slowly, Anh escorted Richard back to the first room he had entered. A deep look of contentment filled his face as she opened the door, still naked, still erotic, still lovely. Hanging from a small hook on the wall were several hangers which held his clothes. Each had been dried and even pressed and Richard remembered the one hour laundry behind the strip mall. Ahn smiled one last time and then bowed.

"Thank you." Richard said. Ahn turned and quickly left, moving down the hall. Richard opened the reception room door and found himself back by the modern ATM and dilapidated furniture. The sexually explicit magazines earned not the slightest bit of attention from him as he took a deep breath and headed out the door.

the End

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